Let’s Start…

yo minna-san

well i’ve really no clue what to write about xD well i guess i’ll write everything i know from begin june ( it’s gonna be a hard task to do xD)

well i’m gonna write about the next things:

– Kpop: Kim Hyun Joong’s new Album + MV’s, B1A4, 2PM, F(x), LEDApple…

– Manga Collection (other post)

– Drama (other post)

– Exams (other post)

– Cosplay Works (other post)

– Carpet Drawing (other post)

– Paper Dolls (other post)

– Cosplay (other post)

– FanMade Kpop xD (other post)

– Drawings (other post)

– Nails (other post)

and more xD tho this will be the main stuff xD

well today i’m gonna focus on Kpop xD the rest will follow xD

ok so Kpop First ^^

so begin June Kim Hyun Joong promote his new CD called “Break Down”

this album consists of 6 songs:

  1. let me go
  2. break down
  3. please
  4. kiss kiss
  5. yes i will
  6. please (inst.)

i love the song “break down” and “please” they both have a feeling that i like xD

so here’s the MV of “Break Down” and “Please”

Kim Hyun Joong – Please

Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down


next group is 2PM with their new Album “Hands Up”

  1. hands up
  2. electricity
  3. give it to me
  4. like a movie
  5. don’t you know
  6. hot
  7. without you
  8. i’ll be back
  9. i’can’t
  10. hands up (mix)
  11. electricity (mix)
  12. thank you
  13. don’t stop can’t stop

here’s the MV and my fav song from this album are Hands Up, electricity and don’t stop can’t stop xD

2PM – Hands Up!


F(x) recently brought a new song out called ‘Hot Summer” and yeah it’s indeed a hot summer xD

this song is not theirs original cos it’s from the german group ‘Monrose’ but i personally like this song better xD

f(x) – Hot Summer


B1A4 has also a new MV from its album Let’s Fly

B1A4 – Only Learned the Bad Things


LEDApple is kinda new to me and they already had a critique about plagiasm poor guys πŸ˜₯

anyways their album is called “What do you Think You are” like their song xD

  1. what do you think you are
  2. bam bam bam
  3. birthday killer
  4. i want you
  5. what do you thin kyou are (inst.)

here’s the MV

LEDApple – What do you think you are


so that’s for today xD

tomorrow will be more xD



2 thoughts on “Let’s Start…

  1. lol ..awww i thought you’d make a big post in one .. xD but I guess you were… tired ?? xD but yeah ..
    Khj leader !!!!!! >_> so proud of him .. so proud to get his album πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    2pm . also cool . but . you know who’s my number one ;D and B14A . ? They’re cute πŸ˜€ I saw them on MuBank I think xP

    • lol xD yeah also but if i went to write all the things i summed up then it’s a really really long post so like this post but multiplied with 5-7 times more xD
      ikr xD KHJ ❀
      lol xD you don't know 2PM tht good as i can see through this post xD
      yup PJM xD
      lol it's B1A4 xD they're cute and i like them ^^
      lol xD i saw them too on MusicBank or Mcountdown! or inkigayo xD dunno xD

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