Kpop Fangasm!!!

yo minna-san well this post will be about K-drama xD well during the exams i was watching the Music Drama “Dream High” and it was awesome cos i got to see Kim Hyun Joong for 1 minute in ep 1 xD and Taecyeon as a main role so i was very happy ^^ the main […]

New Stuff!!

yo minna-san well ok this post is about my new collection of mangas ^^ after the exams (i hope they were good, let’s hope i won’t stay down a year ^^) the exams were from Thursday 9June til Thursday 23June and i was every day dead up from studying ==’ ok so in the weekend […]

Let’s Start…

yo minna-san well i’ve really no clue what to write about xD well i guess i’ll write everything i know from begin june ( it’s gonna be a hard task to do xD) well i’m gonna write about the next things: – Kpop: Kim Hyun Joong’s new Album + MV’s, B1A4, 2PM, F(x), LEDApple… – […]