Max Irons <3

yo minna-san

well this post is such an odd post cos normally i only post asn photos xD but this time it’s a special person ❤

this time it’s Max Irons

the first time i saw him was 2 weeks ago or something xD in the movie theatre xD

my friend (crush) and i went to the movie theatre after eating dim sum and starbucks. and he said to let me choose a movie since Thor was kinda too much pressure to eat our dim sum. so i suggested to watch Red Riding Hood ^^ and  he was ok with it xD

we each paid our ticket and he paid the drinks and popcorn, since my mom paid the dim sum and her friend paid the coffee ( my family was there for the dim sum and my mom invited her friend to come too) and we went there and i told him that it’s from the makers of Twilight. he was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! and i was laughing at him, tho i’m also not a Twilight fan, but Red Riding Hood is a fairytale and i like that ^^so we watched it and i said to him “oow that guy looks good x3″ and he was like ” close your eyes you can’t see that xD”

why i like Max Irons? well cos he has those relaxed eyes and his hair was soo pretty and in the movie he was soo gentle and sweet to Valerie (Amanda Seyfried)

so yeah you can say i admire him just like the kpop groups that i admire ^^

Baii Baii


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