Japanese Exam!!!

yo minna-san ^^

so ok last saturday i had my exam japanese and it was super duper รผber great :3

this was how it looks like xD

and this was my score xD

yeah, yeah !!! you see it, right?! 93.5/100!!!!

i was super happy >_<

the exam was about Hiragana, Katakana and the Particles ^^

i thought it would be difficult but it turned out good ^^

why i thought it would be difficult O.o?

well i’ll tell you guys…

the day before i went studying at 11PM and at 12AM i decided to take a next ^^ the next thing i know was that it was already the next morning. i was like: “SH*T!!! it’s 6AM and i still need to study japanese: my 2 alphabeths and the particles!!!” so began to study at 6AM and meanwhile also rests xD and finished at 9:15AM and my exam was at 10AM. luckily my teach does’t live far from me ^^ cos we’ve got exam and lesson japanese at her house ^^

well yeah so that was my story xD

begin july i will receive my certificate of my exam ^^

baii baii


2 thoughts on “Japanese Exam!!!

  1. that’s great to heaar :3
    Oh my goosh you can’t imagine how much I hate KATAKANA -_- you also had to learn them ? poor you xD But great that u made it :3
    Ganbare ๐Ÿ˜€

    • hehe thx ^^
      lol xD well it wasn’t that my prob, i read a hiragana wrong so minus 0,5 point
      hehe thx

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