B2ST’s New Song!!!

yo minna-san

so lately i’m addicted to many songs, but this post is reserved for my and my bro’s fav song, called Fiction from B2ST

this song is from their new Album called “Fiction & Fact”

hope you like it? ^^


8 thoughts on “B2ST’s New Song!!!

  1. yeees :3 beast rocks πŸ˜€ and their song rocks too >_< I really wanted to see their comeback at music station, but unfortunately, I was at school e__e

  2. maan you saw it ? e___e i wanted to see it too X3
    wow . soo late ? O_O the last time I watched music bank (Heo young saeng’s comeback) was on friday at 10:05 am or something like this ? XD

    • xD well i was on Allkpop and it was there so i watched it my bro was waiting too but he went to sleep so watched it the next day afternoon and YS’s Debut i also watched it, but only one time cos i’m not a big fan of him (least fav member of SS501) srry
      i can’t wait for Kim Hyun Joong’s Debut x3

  3. well, he’s also not my favorite, but I personally think he has the best voice and I was excited because he’s also a part of ss501 πŸ˜› aand also because I actually missed Park jung min’s debut (Shame on me -.-) and baby’s come back stage .. I wanted to see this one !! but YES OMG I’m soooo looking forward to it :3 there’s even a twitter trending thing on his birthday .. did you know ?

    • uhu that’s true ^^
      lol PJM’s not Alone is nice and KHJ is my Soulmate and Kim Hyun joong is my Hubby xD
      no i don’t know but his b-day is coming closer it’s the 6 june :3

      • OMG PJM’s Not alone is EPIC !! *starts to fangirl xD* I was soo mad at myself when I just got to know this song one day before his goodbye stage -_- and KHJ .. he’s still a good leader to me and he’s soo >___> I fell in love with him at Boys over flowers . I just love him . (PJM is still my number one as you can see xD xD) and Baby .. He’s soo cute and I was really proud when he released his album cause he’s the youngest and he’s finally standing on his own feet πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        oooh yes… all the triple s will go crazy on the 6th june .. and I guess #501HJLDay (or something like that) will be in the worldwide charts .. :3

      • lol xD
        i knew it from the beginning xD i waited for his MV cos he did a teaser xD
        i can’t decide between Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hung Joon so i did like in BOF Husband and Soulmate xD
        ikr i’m soo proud of him ❀
        uhu i think so too *fangasm before exams xD*

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