Cosplay x3

yo minna-san

so this time it’s bout Cosplay xD

i know i’m not that good, but i still try my best :3 so this time i got myself elfears and a wig xD

the ears look like this xD

now i think you’re wondering why i bought those 2 things (yeah why? xD) well cos i’m doing a cosplay (sounds logical, since the title is “Cosplay x3” xD from 1/2 prince. the person is called Gui. he’s soo funny and a friend of mine is doing Prince ^^so for the people that don’t know the manga beneath is Gui and then my pic xD

ok and second cosplay that is also useful is Ashura from RG Veda tho i only got the hair xD (since it’s a CLAMP manga :3)

so this is it xD

ok this are random things xD

like beneath we’ve got the school girl with bangs xD

with glasses xD

without glasses x3

nekomimi xD with my wig xD love too much my wig xD

ok so this is it :3

bye bye~~~


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