New Drawings xD

yo minna-san

so as i promised i’ll be posting lots of things on my blog specially for you, my visitors ;3

so this time it’s Drawings (short post) i’ve been PicxDrawing for these days xD like this for example:

these two are CLAMP’s First creation named Ashura and Yasha from RG Veda ^^ they’re soo pre… uhm handsome xD and i also watched their OVA, which was hard to find cos it’s kinda old. and i was searching for the manga and found out that Tokyopop is closing in the States TT i was like: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! why, why…” but i hope there will be an other publisher that is willinging to take over the mangas that are published by Tokyopop ^^so i’ll see how i can find the manga (i’m doubting about in which language i want to read it… english or french? english cos the french version is kinda exspensive it’s 18€, that’s like 22$ or something and idk if they’re already finished publishing and if i buy it in english then it’s easier to read and it’s cheaper xD, but it’s gonna take a while to get it so idk xD

the second drawing is from Star Driver -Takuto of The Radiance- xD i love his transformation into Ginga Bishounen xD it’s soo smexy xD ths is also the current anime that i’m watching xD and this is also gonna be a future cosplay, but not the Ginga Bishounen but the Casual Takuto ^^(more info in the following posts xD)

so  how do you think? does it look like the real ones?

Baii baii~~


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