On Hiatus -sad face-

yo minna-san so i’m very sorry, but due of upcoming exams, my parents decided to let me cut off all the social network inclusive this blog TT but i’ll be back end June 2011 with new updates ^^ so this is my last music post before this hiatus called: Golden Lady from Lim Jeong Hee […]

Max Irons <3

yo minna-san well this post is such an odd post cos normally i only post asn photos xD but this time it’s a special person ❤ this time it’s Max Irons the first time i saw him was 2 weeks ago or something xD in the movie theatre xD my friend (crush) and i went […]

B1A4 – Let’s Fly

yo minna-san well this post is about the new boygroup called B1A4. they debuted in April 2011 with ths Song “OK” and the album is called “Let’s Fly” the group consists 5 members (from left to right): Baro, Sandeul, JinYoung, Gongchan and CNU this is their MV hope you like it ^^


yo minna-san so there is this new Kpop Group called Boyfriend (no it’s not that i got a boyfriend xD, srsly i kinda want want one tho xD) so Boyfriend debuted with the song “Boyfriend” xD (how original right x3) but still it’s a very good song =3 the group consists of 6 members: Jungmin, […]