yo minna-san

so like i promised you i’ll post something about my vacation xD

but first some stuffs that i didn’t post xD

first of:

i know it looks weird, but this is my kurara inspired from the serie: Kuragehime xD tho it looks creepy, i had lots of fun of making it :3

then you’ve got the twin from Vocaloid: Len and Rin Kagamine chibi x3 aren’t they cute :3

and at least here’s my Hayao Miyazaki Birthday Card for my friend xD there’s Ponyo and Howl and Sophie. well there’s also a inside, but i didn’t put it here. the inside character was Totoro x3

ok so now my mainpoint of this post… my vacation!!!!

well this easter i went on a schooltrip to Berlin-Poland- Praha xD and it was fun

day1: Berlin

well in the morning at 9AM we left for Berlin and after like 9 hrs later we arrived in Berlin. everyone was soo tired xD and we ate dinner at 8PM, cos there were troubles with the rooms that were given. after the rooms were ok. we went for a Night in Berlin and drank something. this is the view in Berlin at night:

day 2

the metro from Berlin

one piece of the wall of Berlin

i found it funny that they put english for the tourists xD

no yellow cab, but light yellow xD

then we split up and i went to Sanssouci and one of our friends made it into “Sans Sushi” which means “without sushi” xD

my friend and i as statues xD

see!! i put the building down ๐Ÿ˜ฎ xD

typial Berlin Car in the 60’s or something xD

day 3:

then we went to Gdansk, Poland and went to Novotel, which was a great hotel x3



Potatoes with meat and broccoli and cauliflower

and as dessert: pancake-ish with fruits

day 4

in town xD

do you see Cerberus? cos when i saw that, i immediately thought of Kero-chan :3 xD

then we went to a amber museum and i saw japanese characters xD

fruits made of Amber

guitar and lamp made of Amber

even Chopsticks xD


cod with veggies and mushroom sauceย and potatoes

day 5: Torun, Poland

the Pisa of Poland xD

those clothes looked like Lolita xD

see? ribbons xD

day 5 night: Wroclow by night xD


day 6: Wroclow -> Raclawice

Panorama Raclawice: a portait of 15×200 m

very beautiful!!!

day 7: Krakow

legend of Krakow: Dragon xD

see? San Francisco is only 9580 km away from here xD

the most beautiful Maket Place ever \(^o^)/

saltmine with our Borat guide xD

grave of Chopin, R.I.P. Chopin (i didn’t know that Chopin was a Polish person :o)

Pidgeon invasion!!!!

on our way to Praha, in the McDonalds

day 9: PRAHA!!!

easter trees xD

pretty old car, but still nice

biggest easter egg ever xD

on our way up to the place where the president lives xD

lol i could make a difference between chinese and japanese -> korean, chinese, japanese

i think i ate Baumkuchen, like the ones that were made in Kobato by that bear xD

Last dinner of the trip!!! we went to the restaurant xD

day 10: bustrip back to belgium sat on the bus for like 12 hrs ==’

well that’s all… ooh yeah i also completed Secret Garden and i love it too much

well now i’m watching Fated to Love you :3

anyways, Baii Baii


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