New Theme, Theme, Theme~~~

yo minna-san

well i know it’s been a long time, but first a new header and background :3 this time i’ll keep it til the end of May since the previous one was 1 month and a half so i think it’s fair that i’ll keep this one also longer :3

ok so the theme is… as you all know or not i’m a TRC-fan so you’ll know what it is now right xD well my friend suddenly went go watching TRC so i spoiled him a lot xD (since he teases me a lot i’ve got my revenge on him xD)

so here’s the header and the background



isn’t it lovely :3

well here’s the profilepic x3

i love this couple too much :3

well that’s it for today (it’s 11:20PM and tomorrow school ==’)

i hope that i get the chance to write more :3

baii baii :3

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