Quick Post~

yo minna-san

ok i know it’s been a long time since i posted something and this one is also gonna be a small post. therefor Sumimasen minna~ or in korean Biannee~

ok there were reasons why i haven’t been posting.

1) well it’s cos i got exams and those teachs gave me more little tests on the last week before those exams ==’

2) too lazy xD

3) busy for school ==’

and there’s also a reason why i post a small post, cos i’m going go on vacation tomorrow with school and it’s gonna be fun since it’s been a long time since i went on vacation (ok last vacation was in summer 2010, but that’s also almost 1 year ago)

so therefor again SUMIMASEN MINNA!!!!!

i promise you (lol song of You’re Beautiful xD) that i’ll post many things, like the vacation (i’m going to Berlin, Poland and Prague), surpriseparty for my friend, drawings, drama, random stuff xD and other stuff xD

so i hope you all will still read my blog  :3


Baii Baii


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