MIA 2011

yo minna-san

ok so ok this post was supposed to be posted previous week, but i didn’t have time (= school work) so yeah this post is also about something that had have past for like 2 weeks xD

the convention that i already have referred in my previous post (i think xD) so yeah here are the pics xD

ok so before i went to MIA (Made In Asia) i asked my friend to stay over so we can go together and i won’t feel alone so yeah she came and we had a lot of fun :3 and we were like in the morning “aargh, it’s morning == (we went to sleep at 3AM and stood up at 9AM”so yeah she also did my make up (and it was the first time that she did it on a person other than herself) and we also made some FREE HUGS signs but i forgot to use them xD oow yeah i went as Lolita and my friend as Flower girl ^^

when we came in there was that Kdrama stand and i went there. i won a preveleged account on Dramapassion, but  didn’t need that cos you know my mom buys those dramas at home so i can see them, so i changed it with my friend who got postcards :3: there was Secret Garden, Mary stay all Night Out, Cinderella’s sister, King of Bakery Kim Tak Goo, Painter of the Wind, City Hall, My girlsfriend is a Gumiho, Playful Kiss, IRIS and Boys over Flowers

those 2 girls were very popular they stood there for like 15 minutes or more xD

me and kakashi

one of my friends went together as Grell and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji (damn only Ciel wasn’t there together on the pic)

tho i never saw the serie, but plan to watch this 2 are also my friends and they cosplayed Ekaterina and Sasha from Seikon no Quaser

i think everyone know who this is… no? duuh it’s the famous Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid :3 (also a friend)

just random xD it’s the ouji-san from Dragon Ball xD

ok so when i came home i was like “aargh my feet!!!” and i count my money that had left and so yeah convention = lots of money are used to buy stuffs xD so yeah technically i’m broke now xD

but i bought a lot of things like mangas, keychains, posters, doll, pen… so here are the things i bought:

Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus 1 (english)

finally i’ve got it!!! Tsubasa Chronicle 6 now i’ve got from 1-20 xD (english)

Kuroshitsuji 6 (french)

Tsubaki Love 1 aka Kyou, Koi wo hajimemasu (french)

Pandora Hearts 5 and 6 (french)

and also i bought some mangas for my bros like naruto (dutch), detective conan (dutch), nurarihyon no mago (french), the world onlygod knows (french) and also bakuman (french)

ok so this convention i wanted a doll and suddenly i saw it!!! Okita Souji from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Doll i was like -kyaaaaaa, souji ❤ (you know fangirl xD)- so yeah i bought it i also saw saito, chikage and also sanosuke. i was doubting between Saito and Souji cos those 2 are my favs (ok heisuke is also my fav, but i didn’t see him) and suddenly someone took saito, so yeah i took Souji ^^

ok so buying those mangas (there were like 80€ so i think 85-90$ i think) the shopkeeper as nice and gave me a free  thermos of sugar sugar rune and a t-shirt with a squirt on it for free, nice isn’t he, the shopkeeper ^^ my other friend also bought a lot but got an other thermos, she wanted to switch, but i said no cos it was vinland saga and i haven’t even hear of that manga

ok so i also bought a figurine and i thought it was Subaru Sumeragi, but it turns out to be Akira from ” man of many faces” i was disappointed, but on the possitive side it’s still something from CLAMP xD so yeah in the future i’m gonna readthe manga 🙂

ok so this hello kitty chain is like a friendship thingie cos we (other friends) bought it together and they were all hello kitties also other outfits xD mine is a duck x3

ok so Keychains: i bought one from MBLAQ with MIR on the backside (fav member of MBLAQ and he’s the Maknae xD i’ve got something with maknaes xD)

ans also a keychains for my cellphone: SHINee ❤

ok so as you know or not i’m a huge fan of SS501 ans i saw that they sell pens, so i bought one with SS501 on it :3

i’ve also bought a Calendar of SS501 xD

also a Poster of SS501’s maknae Kim Hyung Joon (see i’ve got something with maknaes XD)

also a poster of CN BLUE with Minhyuk holding the Sony Ericson Experia that Yong hwa did the CF of it xD (well i think it’s the Experia xD)

also a SHINee poster with background from HELLO xD (tho i wanted one with the background of LUCIFER <3)

so yeah this it all the stuff that are mine :3

so yeah now my collection looks like this >w<

so yeah that was it for today :3

bye bye

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