Kim Hyung Joon <3<3<3

yo minna-san

so yesterday i told you guys about how i’m fascinating about Kim Hyung Joon’s song “Girl” and guess what his mini album “My Girl” came out today (fangirl screaming xD) so i DLed it already (duuuh i’m a obsessed KHJ fan also for the other KHJ XD, you get it, Kim Hyung Joon and Kim Hyun Joong >_<)

Kim Hyung Joon – My Girl

Track List

01. Angel (Feat. E-Tribe)

02. oH! aH!

03. Girl

04. Different Girl Besides You (Feat. Dok2)

05. Heaven

06. oH! aH! (Inst.)

07. Girl (Inst.)

i gotta say i really love him, tho Kim Hyun Joong is my Hubby, but Kim Hyung Joon is my soulmate XD

update ISWAK (=It Started With a Kiss): i’m at ep 27 of the 30 so i’m almost finished with it :3

byebye till tomorrow, i hope~


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