Cosplay Arrived!!!

yo minna-san

ok i know it’s been a looooooooooooooong time that i updated, but i didn’t have time to do that. you know homework and such ==’ and i was a bit lazy =w= srry

so ok this post is gonna be like super duper long~ ( i think XD, cos i’ve got a lot to tell XD). the topics are: Cosplay, Headband, Vacation, Manga, Random Stuff, Drama, Music, Drawing and other stuff that i can’t remember XD

so ok first topic: COSPLAY

yoshi!!! my cosplay arrived one week ago and it fits :3 i was sooo happy that it arrived ^^tho it had a delay of one week and i was very nervous that it wouldn’t bome anymore TT, but it’s now sound and safe in my room :3 so no problems >_<

srry camera suck ==’

ok next topic: Random Stuff

so yesterday i went to the sity to hang around with my friends and we bought stuff for our Cosplays (well i only bougt some ribbon (for more, see further in this post XD) and my friends are gonna go as flowergirls (just girls with a lot of flower decoration XD). so you’ve got a red and a white one and the 3rd person… idk what kind of color she’ll do maybe she’ll do a multicolored one >_< that would be awesome!! so yeah i went to buy a cap cos it’s cold and it was the cap that i always wanted but i didn’t buy it, till yesterday XD so here it is my pretty pretty cap that i longed for~

it also existed in blue, but i like pink :3

3rd topic: Drawings

ok so this time i’ll give you people 2 pics, one is own creation and the other is addiction XD

first one, own creation: so i drew it not so long ago ( for like 2hrs go or so XD) with my BAMBOO, cos i got bored XD

and the second one is ITAZURA NA KISS!!!! love this couple and the story and the art and… ok i love everything of it ❤ ❤ ❤

lol!!! i wanted to draw them kissing (Naoki and Kotoko XD) and the only one i found is this one so x3

4th topic: Headband!!!

so yeah here you’ll understand the reason i bought ribbons XD so i went to buy ribbons for my Headband for my lolita cosplay :3 it’s Pink with white Polka Dots!!!

and so i mad my headband, tho it’s not finished yet ==’ only one thing to do and that to find black ribbon and place is beneath my headband so i can tie it on my head XD

ok 5th topic: manga

yush, i can buy mangas again XD -fangirl dancing-

so i bought Bleach 14 and Gals! 8

6th topic: Music

so Big Bang has returned with their new album “Tonight”

Seungri had his debut with “VVIP”

after GD and TOP had their with “GD&TOP”

GD and TOP – High High

GD and TOP – Knock Out

MBLAQ strikes back with “Again”

ps this is a performance of last week , the performance of this week has only 4 members instead of 5 ( the member that isn’t there is MIR <3)

and also can’t wait those 2 songs

Jang Geun Suk – Let Me Cry

Kim Hyung Joon – Girl

7th topic: Vacation!!!

ok so this week i’ve got 1 week of vacation -dances- so normally there will be more updates :3 (i hope)

and finally 8th and last topic: Drama

so i’m still watching “It Started with a Kiss” but i guess tomorrow or so i’ll finish it and start watching “Secret Garden” so that’s the update for dramas =3

oooh right i changed my header and background cos it’s March XD

so that’s for ow what i’ve been doing XD


till next time~~~


13 thoughts on “Cosplay Arrived!!!

  1. whaaa >_> I love Baby’s new song ~ girl .. soo catchy T___T you’re watching it started with a kiss ? How is it ? At first I wanted to watch it too, but I hate itazura na kiss ~ I even refused to watch the korean one .. lol XD

    • ikr it’s catchy and also Jang Geun Suk’s Let Me Cry :3
      i’m watching it! it’s with fahrenheit’s Jiro and Aaron XD
      why you don’t like the story? i love the story :3
      whut?! you refused to watch it? Kim Hyun Joong? :O

      • Oh .. also with aaron .. ?!?! Dammit . so I’ll have to watch it .. aaroon ___> well xD XD
        I don’t like the story, cause I watched parts of the anime .. and the anime is SHITTY XD XD. I just hate this annoying girl xD and the guy is … well, I don’t like him xD .. well Kim Hyun Joong .. you’re right .. (whaaa *__*) . maybe I should watch it .. or better not – cause I’m gonna die because of his killer smile xD xD

  2. yup, but Aaron is a only a minor character, Jiro is a main character.
    lol XD well i love the anime, it’s one of the best animes i ever watched :3 (it has a good ending >_<)
    Killer Smile -drools-

    • really ? I didn’t like the anime at all xD xD So i stopped watching the anime .. but the drama is probably better 😛
      Well .. let me guess.. Jiro’s the guy who doesn’t get the girl, right ?XD
      yees . i just love his smile >__> *is in Triple S mode right now*

  3. aaw, well every one has its own taste, ne~ :p
    no no no, the manga is tghe best, but if you want real person, then i’ll rather go for the T-drama, cos KJH isn’t cold enough to play the smart guy (no, no, no i’m not against him, it’s just he’s too warm to play such character, it doesn’t fit him)
    yup, poor him, but he later gets a GF (Kris, later= wife), so no probs for him ^^
    lol i’ve got his poster (of SS501 AND Kim Hyun Joong) in my Room ❤

    • awww. poor him . it’s always him xD xD but yeah, at least .. 😀 That’s cool 😀 😀
      Oh my have a poster in your room ??? >____> Of ss501 and leader ?? I WAANT TOOO :O but of ss501 and Park Jung Min xD xD .. wait . you also live in europe .. where did u get the posters from ?

  4. hehe 😀
    yup, i’ve got them -prouds of herself-
    well i got it from conventions (in belgium) and there are those kpop stands -, so the only thing you need to do is to search for them ^^

  5. I like your new banner 😀 It’s so cute ❤
    And you have Kyoko from Skip Beat as your new icon ^^
    Your room is so cool looking :O

    That outfit looks just like Sakura's almost! It looks nice ^^

    • hehe thx :3
      i know i just change it not so long ago and i’m gonna post it also so don’t worry :3
      kyoko-chan rocks!!! i love her soo much!!! she is a kick ass girl!!!
      lol well i’ve got the attic as my room (so my own bathroom and such >_<) so a lot of posters :p
      i know but i don't think i'll do something to change it cos it'll maybe ruin my entire cosplay outfit =='

  6. Ohh my goodness .. >__> No. not even Manga conventions e_e How freaking cool is that ?? I mean .. the cosplay thingie ~ soo awesome 😀 and the posters .. I nearly screamed right now ..xD Kim hyun Joong *KYAAAAH* and SS501 *Double-KYAAAAH* – soo awesomee >.< I want them too .. oh and I really liked the FT-Island Poster ~ Rawr x3

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