Happy Valentine’s Day~

yo minna-san

so i guess all you people know what day it is today right? if not go see your calandar and think really deep what the 14th February is… well if not i’ll just gonna say it, or maybe~~ not… just joking well today it’s Valentine’s Day!!! it’s that day where you give something to the one you love or respect. this day reminds me of the tradition in Japan. today there’s gonna be like the girls that give the boys chocolates or something else that’s romantic and one month later it’s the boys that ‘ll give something to the girls (ofcourse the one that had given them a present on Valentine’s Day) oow well i don’t really care about this day cos it’s the day that those shops sell everything very exspensive (ok not like chocolates for 20$ instead of 10$, that would be like insane O.o) plus i don’t have a Boyfriend so i don’t receive anything, but oow wells at least i drew something (and it’s free) for Valentine’s Day

ok aside fom that since i’m talking about romantic things i’ve started to watch the Taiwanese Drama and the classical shoujo manga “It Started With a Kiss” or in japanese “Itazura Na Kiss” and i found out that the Taiwanese Drama has more details than the korean one so here’s a pic of the Taiwanese drama

Kotoko Aihara : Yuan Xiang Qin : Ariel Lin

Naoki Irie : Jiang Zhi Shu : Joe Cheng

Kinnosuke Nakamura: Ah Jin : Jiro Wang

and my mom also said “daughter, if you had the manga, then you would like read that manga like till it’s broken XD” and so i began to search the manga and they only translate it into Chinese and English and i saw that the English edition is a new one with 12 volumes, so maybe i’ll ask it for a present or so cos it’s a small omnibus :3

well yeah i’ll see, but now it’s time to say bye bye~



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