happy Chinese NewYear!!!

yo minna-san

ok so it’s been a long time that i posted something, well that’s cos i’m busy with the preparations of chinese newyear and school. so today’s topics are: Japanes Food, Chinese NewYear, Poster, stuffs and Background.

so let’s start with Japanese Food! so this time i ate japanese pancake ^^ it’s been long that i ate it. it’s very yummy even more yummy when you add some japanese syrup.

2nd topic: so thursday it was chinese newyear and we ate a lot, i even gain weight ==’

so here are the pics:

all kind of meat as you can see + tofu





10 flavoured Veggies

so yeah that was my Chinese NewYear XD with FOOOOOOD~~

so next topic is posters! well actually it’s POSTER cos i trade my poster with my bro who had a Heart No Kuni No Alice poster and my bro wanted the Fairy Tail poster so i trade it cos i’m not really a Fairy Tail fan so it’s ok 😀

i’m really disappointed that Mad Hatter isn’t on the poster TT

ok so next one is Stuffs! well saturday i went to meet up with friends and went to shopping (like duuh i think that’s logic if you’re meeting up with friends XD) so i bought this cute bag and cute headband :3

meanwhile my parents bought me a new printer/scanner :3 now i can scan all my drawings properly >_<

ok so next topic is my background. well it’s already february (wow time passes fast :o) and i’m right in the middle of my Kimi Ni Todoke mood XD so my header is Kimi Ni Todoke :p and for background i wanted something peaceful

well yeah that’s kinda bit what i did thes time XD

baii baii~~


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