News Flash!!!

yo minna-san

so it’s been like more than one week that i’ve blogged, well that’s becos lately i’m busy and if i’m not then i’m resting XD

so previous week i’ve been drawing (yes yes i’m not lazy for drawing XD) and i had my frilly frilly skirt period then so my drawing is a frilly frilly skirt girl XD so her it is:

oow and for the people who want to know what’s written, it says “Saranghaeyo, Gonju” which means “I love you, Princess” ^^

ok so that’s that. well previous saturday we had a chinese party of friends (well it’s a pre-chinese party, cos this thursday it’s chinese newyear, but i’ll post something in the weekend about it, cos too much homework on wednesday) and we brought a lot of stuff

Taiwanese Sweets srry forgot the name since it’s a very long chinese name XD)

mmm~~~ Bubble Tea ❤


Spicy Vermicelli (taiwanese style)


Spring Rolls

korean Tteokbokki (taiwanese style XD)


10 flavoured veggies


i think this is a mix of veggies XD

chinese mixed veggies


chicken on a stick XD

ok so on that party i was boring, the boys wer gaming and the girls doing homework or reading XD so drew Yoh from Starry Sky XD

oow yeah finally our dvd’s came: Plan B, Atashi no Danshi, You’re my Destiny and others XD

ok so that’s all i’ve got to say for now~

baii baii~~~


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