Happy Valentine’s Day~

yo minna-san so i guess all you people know what day it is today right? if not go see your calandar and think really deep what the 14th February is… well if not i’ll just gonna say it, or maybe~~ not… just joking well today it’s Valentine’s Day!!! it’s that day where you give something […]

happy Chinese NewYear!!!

yo minna-san ok so it’s been a long time that i posted something, well that’s cos i’m busy with the preparations of chinese newyear and school. so today’s topics are: Japanes Food, Chinese NewYear, Poster, stuffs and Background. so let’s start with Japanese Food! so this time i ate japanese pancake ^^ it’s been long […]

News Flash!!!

yo minna-san so it’s been like more than one week that i’ve blogged, well that’s becos lately i’m busy and if i’m not then i’m resting XD so previous week i’ve been drawing (yes yes i’m not lazy for drawing XD) and i had my frilly frilly skirt period then so my drawing is a frilly […]