Everyday has a Good Ending~

yo minna-san

so yesterday was actually a “so so” day for me and when it became evening it’ became like a “woohooo” day XD

cos yesterday morning (schoolday) i was like *sleep,sleep* and couldn’t focus in class XD but it got better in the afternoon, cos i’m a evening person so how later it gets, how more activer i get XD plus i needed to cheer my friend up (she didn’t feel well) and since it’s a very good friend of mine, i draw her a drawing and kinda make a spelling fault on her hand cos she needed to bring it for me (the spelling fault was “zakdoek” means handkerchief and i wrote “zoekdoek” which means search XD so she laughed and i was like “NOOOOO, why me…” but i’ glad she forgot a bit about her pain and i also said some instuctions to feel better ^^ hehe and she became better all thanks to me 😀 *proud of herself*

but ok that’s not my reason of having a *woohoooo* day (srry friend your not my main reason of having a *woohoooo* day this time) the main reason is that after 1 day (actually a half day) i convinced my mom to buy me a lolita dress that i really love it 😀 and first she wasn’t very happy about it, so i kinda gave up. but the next day when my dad came home, my mom suddenly said “so dad, do you think that Joelle (me) deserves a lolita dress? and my dad was like “lolita…” and my mom said “go look, Joelle will show you” and i rushed to the pc and show my dad and his reaction was “yeah, sure. why not” (ooh i’m soo lucky my dad agreed :D) so yeah my mom bought it and it’s now coming this way and it’s exspected the 20th of February to be delivered at my house. i hope it fits. i’m soo exciting for it XD meanwhile i’m gonna make a headdress 😀 hope it turns well >_<

well this is the dress that i wanted and it kinda looked like the dress Sakura-hime from TRC wore in my previous post 😀

meanwhile i also drew something XD

and guess what there’s a new song that i like called “Not Alone” from Park Jung Min (member of SS501, my fav kpopband ever)

so here’s the MV

ok so that’s it~

baii baii >_<


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