New drawing x3

yo minna-san

so yesterday i was enjoying myself with drawing XD i really like my BAMBOO and i’m praticing with drawing better >_<

so yesterday’s drawing was just an own creation of my own

ok so next topic is cosplay… remember my crisis with my cosplay what i would do and such, well i’m out of it it’s decided and it’s gonna be… none of them what i summed up ^^ ok well a half of lolita tho so it’s Sakura hime from Tsubasa Chronicle in Lolita-ish clothes look

well you see it and i think it’s very adorable, so… it’s decided tho i must go and search for it (well i look-a-like would be fine and i’ll just edit it then >_<)

hope you liked it >_< well that’s it for today

baii baii~~

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