New Stuff~

yo minna-san

so after becoming 17 (well i don’t feel that anything changed XD) i’ve got a present from my mom!!! as you know (or not XD) i love drawing and one of my wishes were to have a BAMBOO DrawingTablet, well guess what i got it!!! well it was actually a coincidence cos my mom and i went to the mall and there they were selling BAMBOO DrawingTablets and it was very cheap (well i mean normally one BAMBOO is like 100-200€ (around the 125-250$, tho i’m not sure XD) and that mall made an action and they sold it for 50€ (75$ or so, also not sure of it) so yeah when i saw it, i was like “Mummy… *puppy eyes*… oow well you probably won’t buy it, right mom” and yup i’ve got it (muhahahaha i’m so smart XD)

so yeah when it became night, i opened it and started to use it. it was very fun~ but yeah since i didn’t have PhotoShop, my friend (who’s learning Digital Arts and Entertainment) adviced me to use Gimp, since it’s free and a full version.

so yeah after like 1 hour it became like this:

and i showed it to my friends and they said it kinda looked like me and it was kinda unexspectated that it would be like me, i was really drawing random XD…hehe and yeah since Gimp was troubling me, i did a print screen and edited this on picasa 😀 and so i could get the pic bigger >_< so yeah this is the first good thing after being 17 XD

Baii Baii


2 thoughts on “New Stuff~

    • hehe thx >_<
      ikr it was very cheap, but my friend, Kami-sama, got it more cheaper than i do (well he had a coupon of 30€ off, so he bought it for 30€)
      aaaw poor you, for those things i wait for sales ^^

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