A New Year, A New Start…

yo minna-san

so today school has started again ==’ (meeh~i want more sleep) and it starts “great”. so i was walking to go to my bus stop, i was kinda boring so i looked around, looked at the schedule and saw 7:42, i saw yeah it’s ok…WAIT!!! 7:42!!!!! that already has passed!!!!! so i rushed back home and my dad drove my to school. what a good start! ==’, but further nothing really bad happened, we didn’t had bread to make sanwichs so i use my Bento box, so that my food would stay warm >_< ad all my friends were “what did you bring?” i with a smiling face ” it’s chinese :D” XD so yeah… so now every morning i’m gonna get up at 6:30AM, normally it was at 6:45AM; but i always press the SNOOZE button, so like 7AM i’m up XD

ok so other topic… well i guess one of the 2 topics for today are Starry Sky and Cosplay >_<

so let’s start with Starry Sky >_< as you know (or not) my current addiction is Starry Sky and so i drew 3 of them, well actually i drew the characters of Starry Sky ~in Spring~ ^^

so this is it!!! although i forgot to write “in Spring” on my drawing XD well i thought “well the previous drawing (the one with the chibis) was in  colour, why not doing this one in black and white just as the mangas are :p

ok so i started to draw Yoh (the one on the right) and i was like “yoshi!!! i’m starting, i’m soo full of inspiration *laughs very happily*”

then after drawing Yoh i was like “man still 2 to go, it’s gonna take like forever… ==’ ” so what did i do i drew Kanata (the one in the middle) and Suzuya (the one on the left) at the same time XD cos i was soo lazy  x3

so yeah as you can see on the drawing went down, so Suzuya went a bit wrong… but yeah it’s still good, i hope XD btw this is a picxdraw ^^

ok so second topic and last topic… it’s cosplay

so the first coming convention this year is in March. it’s the same convention as previous year MIA: Made In Asia -> my first convention ever and i went there as Setsuna from Negima! remember? if not please look back into my previous posts (well only if you want of course XD)

so this year i’ve got 2 plans: plan A and plan B (wow original names, aren’t they XD) plan A is Lolita (although i’m still thinking what kind of lolita i’m gonna do XD) and plan B is a backup-plan for if my friend who’s gonna do lolita with me, if she blew of the thing so yeah… ok so plan B is very easy. you remember that i cosplayed Setsuna from negima, right? (or you just read up few lines above XD) well this idea comes from Kami-sama aka Giru-san (a friend of mine and blogfriend and a Starry Sky FanBoy :p) he was searching with me to find a character that has black hair. i told her that i did Setsuna and Ritsuka for cosplays and he said what about Chao-chan from Negima? and so it became Chao-chan (i was like lol again a Negima character that i’m cosplaying XD maybe) so yeah and for the people who don’t know Chao-chan here’s a pic of her 😀

so what do you think? plan A or plan B? or do you guys have other suggestions?

oow well that’s a bit what it is for today

baii baii~~~


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