First Meeting after like almost 1 year…

yo minna-san

so today was a very fun day for me, but also a meeh day (cos after today, it’s weekend (ok weekend is great, i know) and after that it’s back to school ==’). so when it’s school again, that means waking up earlier and such (normally i wake up in this break at noon XD). ok so enough about the meeh day, let’s go to the very fun day >_<

so today i went to brussels (capital of belgium, europe) to meet someone i knew on the net (well i kew her from an other friend who had already met her), well  knew her a long time for almost a year and we decided to meet each other since it was break so. and since whe was a kpop (especially a Lee Hong Ki fan) and manga fan (Loveless fan), i really wanted to meet her in real person.

so after meeting her we searched our way out and wanted to go to the mangastore (duuh it was like our point of our meeting XD and also the chinese supermarket XD) we were like in that store for more then 1 hour or so. i was searching for mangas and my friend didn’t do that cos she hates french mangas (it was a french mangastore, but it doesn’t matter for me as long it’s manga :p) so after long time, i bought 4 mangas: Tokyo Babylon 5, Shibariya Komachi 8 and Kobato 1and 2. so now i completed Tokyo Babylon and Shibariya Komachi. my friend bought a poster of Deat Note and a L – wallet XD and then we went to the other side of the town and went to the fnac (something like fry’s) to search for more mangas XD. while going there we went into chothing stores, but there were a lot o people and we didn’t we didn’t see pretty things. so finally we arrived there and i went to search for my bro a book that he wanted “Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief” i guess i really loved the movie XD after finding it we went to the manga section. it was like heaven to me although i went there many times, it’s still one of my heaven (my first heaven is Japan Town in SFO) and there we were like 2 hours, i kept making rounds around the mangas.  i didn’t know which manga i wanted and i keep making rounds XD so after that time i bought Bleach 13 (for my bro’s One Piece 1 and 6 and Naruto 24,25 + book) and Stray Love Hearts (that’s right, you hear me right, sylphalchemist, SLH XD) 2 and 3. i couldn’t find 1 so i went back to that first store and bought 1. well we also went to other places.  and then it was time to say baii baii to each other. i went back home and took pics of my mangas i was soo happy (although i spent a lot of money ==’ )

so here are the pics

my current collection

ok so this was it~

baii baii


2 thoughts on “First Meeting after like almost 1 year…

  1. You got SLH!!!!! 😀 Awesome! xD

    And whoa snap to your growing collection! Man, I wish Bound Beauty was available over here (we stopped at vol #3 due to the publisher going out of business :<)

    • hehe ikr my friend also love the art and i already loved it cos it’s very cute art x3

      lol ik, but yeah my mom told me to go work and own money to buy more cos she isn’t gonna spend money on it anymore ==’
      aaw well bound beauty is very good i love it, it only has 8 volumes.
      well i had the same prob with the First king Adventure (they also have 8 volumes, but the publisher ws out of business and i couldn’t find it in an other language than japanese ==’, english publishers dropped it)

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