Starry Sky <3

yo minna-san

as promised i’ll wil be telling you guys today about Starry Sky, my current addiction >_<

Game: Starry Sky

Developer: HoneyBee

Year: 2009

Publisher: HoneyBee

Genre: Otome Game, Simulation, Romance

Platform: Windows, PSP

the game is about a girl who goes to a school that is specialized in astronomy. this school was originally an all-boys school that turned into a co-ed school this year. so there aren’t much girls. the girl (you) will meet many students and teachers who are interested in her (of course it’s an love interest XD) this game is separated into 4 games according to the season. so we’ve got “Starry Sky in Spring”, “Starry Sky in Summer”, “Starry Sky in Autumn” and “Starry Sky in Winter” with each 3 main interests. so that makes 12 main interests x3 and each main interest is based on the personalities of the western zodiac constellations.

how did i find it? well it all started when i saw that Starry Sky was an Anime from 2011on MyAnimeList And Suddenly I saw a lot of Bishies (Mangafanatic’s Weak Point: A lot of Bishies together *drools*) hehe my new addiction >_< it’s even a new anime that they sending out( it’s more an ONA i don’t know what that is but i think something like OVA) this is adapted from an otome game that has 4 games with in each game 3 bishies, so in total 12 bishies *drools* i even downloaded the songs from the game, even their Drama CDs(Seiza Kareshi), cos each bishie has a CD + cos it was popular they made a new character, Ophiuchus. + then they also published an other 6 CDs (Seiza Danna)with 2 bishies in 1 CD) and the First Game of it, but my laptop can’t rade japanese so i’m kinda stuck ==’

Starry Sky~in Spring~

the story is about after the Girl (Tsukiko Yahisa) is transfered. not long efter her transfer, an other transfer student came. Yoh Tomoe, half-french (Red Haired Bishie), who says that they know each other a long time ago. and in the same class, there are also her childhoodfriends Kanata Nanami (Grey Haired Bishie) and Suzuya Tohzuki(Brown Haired Bishie).

Yoh Tomoe is Capricorn. born the 12th January (one day before my b-day and my bro’s b-day). Seiyuu: Hikaru Midorikawa

Kanata Nanami is Pisces. born the 3rd March. Seiyuu: Tomokazu Sugita

Suzuya Tohzuki is Cancer. born 1st July. Seiyuu: Daisuke Ono ❤

actually i can’t choose any of them. they all have their cuteness >_< but if i really had to choose it would be Yoh, cos he’s really like me (loves food)

Starry Sky~in Summer~

this story is about that Tsukiko joins a club: the archery club of in japanese Kyudo. there she trains for the summer competition, meanwhile she solves the problems of her teammates: Azusa Kinose (Black Haired Bishie), Homare Kanakubo (Blue Haired Bishie) and Ryunosuke Miyaji (Brown Haired Bishie)

Azusa Kinose is Sagittarius. born the 20th December. Seiyuu: Jun Fukuyama ❤

Homare Kanakubo is Taurus. born the 14th May. Seiyuu: Soichiro Hoshi

Ryunosuke Miyaji is Scorpio. born the 3rd November. Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya

and here my fav is Azusa, cos he’s very kawaii and his seiyuu is Jun Fakayama ❤ one of my fav seiyuus ever!!!

Starry Sky~in Autumn~

 well this time it’s the teacher’s time xD although it’s against the rules to have a Teacher x Student relationship, in this game it’s possible XD so the teachers are Kotarou Hoshizuki (the Grey- Greenish Haired Bishie) the nurse, Naoshi Haruki (the Orange Haired Bishie) the Homeroom Teacher and advisor of the Archery Club and Iku Mizushima (the Blue Haired Bishie) the Student Teacher.

Kotarou Hoshizuki is Libra. born the 13th October. Seiyuu: Akira Ishida

Naoshi Haruki is Leo. born the 11th August. Seiyuu: Daisuke Kishio

Iku Mizushima is Gemini. born the 9th June. Seiyuu: Kouji Yusa

well here  guess i don’t touch Iku-sama, cos that my friend Giru-san aka Kami-sama’s fav character, cos he’s Gemini XD. my fav is Naoshi cos he’s kawaii and i like people, who are soo happy (well this doesn’t mean that the other 2 aren’t happy, it’s just that Naoshi looks like he’s having a lot of fun XD)

Starry Sky~in Winter~

This is the last one. this time Tsukiko is gonna hang around with the Student Counsil: the president Kazuki Shiranui the Grey Haired Bishie), the vice-president Hayato Aozora (the Red-Pinkish Haired Bishie) and officer Tsubasa Amaha (the Purple Haired Bishie).

Kazuki Shiranui is Aries. born the 19th April. Seiyuu: Yuichi Nakamura

Hayato Aozora is Virgo. born the 15th September. Seiyuu: Daisuke Hirakawa

Tsubasa Amaha is Aquarius. born the 3rd February. Seiyuu: Kenichi Suzumura

ok so here my fav is president Kazuki. i really like his hairstyle and he really looks nice. (searched something and it says that he will be a lawyer and that’s really nice)

ok so these are the characters of the game and there’s still one over: Shiki Kagurazaka

he only appear in the Drama CD, you got 12 coupons of the 12 CDs of Seiza Kareshi, then you receive this CD (it’s a secret Date with him XD)

Shiki Kagurazaka is Ophiuchus. born the 5th December. Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano (also seiyuu of Light from Death Note, Shou(tarou) from Skip Beat!!, Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club and a great singer <3)

ok so i guess i was very obsessed that i even drew them (actually copied) in Chibi form XD

i even added their name and their Western Zodiac >_< the only one that i didn’t draw was Shiki, but don’t worry i’ll draw him, one day :3

well be sure that i’m gonna draw them more XD (even though it took a lot of time ==’)

oow btw i completed also the anime Shiki and Kuragehime and they were awesome. i hope there will be a second season for both of them x3

current anime i’m following is Kimi Ni Todoke Season 1 and Starry Sky (duh of course XD)

so this is the end of my long long post (well it felt really long for typing it XD)

Baii Baii~~

10 thoughts on “Starry Sky <3

  1. OMG! I’m first to comment! XD
    And thanku! And yes, Iku Mizushima is mine!!! >=3 GEMINI’S RULE!!! XD
    Thanks for the info on all the starry sky’s, now I don’t have to do it anymore (what a lazy answer isn’t it ? XD)
    Kami-Sama!! ^w^

    • lol ikr you should feel honoured to be the first one, kami-sama XD
      hehe lazy ass god
      you should do the same thing then you’ve got an other post XD
      your butler or whatever you call me XD

  2. Awesome-ness

    Shiki is born dec 5? I’m born the 6th!!!

    Thought technically I’d be like asuza, but whatev 2 awesome characters 😛

  3. Wow thats so kawaiii, you draw very cute haha XD Love the anime very much and waiting on the continuing >w<….. It takes so long

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