Happy New Year!!!

yo minna-san

so today it’s New Year, that means partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! although i didn’t go out with friends instead i spent my new year with my family and we ate together at home. i helped in the kitchen to prepare the stuffs that we made. it was very good i was very stuffed too many food. the food we made were western food no asian food cos it’s western new year and not asian new year (that make sence right XD)

well this time i’ll be talking about our “Anime meeting” in ghent >_<, the sleepover, my new Layout and of course the Old Year’s eve Dinner ^^

so the first topic is the “Animemeeting” ^^ well i wake up at 8:30AM to prepare me and went out the house at 9AM to take my bus till the center of our village. then i waited like 30 min for the next bus to go to the train station in Leuven. there arrived i waited for a friend who was tagging along with me and we went to buy a ticket. on the train we chat a bit and we arrived in Ghent. it was like 12PM then and we were already with 4 plus us 2, that makes 6 of us. later the other arrived and we were like with 13 men. so the first stop was somewhere to eat, cos it was already like 1PM or something. well and everybody must agree what they want to eat. and finally we arived into a turkish restaurant. there everybody can choose what they want. i ordered lambsmeatballs, but i forgot to take a pic of it (sumimasen). after that it was like 2or 3PM so we walked around and some people left the group due of things that they must do, some people were added to the group. so for a while the group of 10-15 men were split into 4 or 5 groups XD after that everone found each other, it was time to leave and my friend who was staying at my place went with me. well before we went to search for the other friends who were arriving, we made a stop in front of this wall ( the one on the left) i kinda reminds me of “Happy Tree Friends” in front of this wall we made some pics with the curent group and everyone had a weird pose. it was really funny XD

ok so after the meet my friend and i went home at 8:30PM. we ate something and then we began our Drama marathon. she didn’t finished the drama “You’re Beautiful” so we watched that further. while she was watching i drew the main characters of “you’re beautiful” (see the pic on your right side) well if you don’t recognize them or don’t know them, then i’ll introdue you to them ^^ from left to right: Shin Woo,Go Mi Nam, Han Tae Kyung and Jeremy. and while drawing this, i had a few difficulties like the prospectives of them only Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye) was in the front prospective, the rest were in a turned prospective. Han Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) was easier than the other 2 boys. i had difficulties with the profile prospective of Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki, Singer of FT Island). and the most difficult one was Shin Woo (Yonghwa, singer of CN Blue) . no matter what i do his face just doesn’t look good in compare to the body. i even draw him like 5 or 6 time and still it didn’t look to fit, even my friend gave my critism and said “no, his head is way to weird, draw his head again” and she told me that like 4 or 5 times after very long time i finally did it. although it’s not perfect, but still. i had been drawing like for 3hours or so and my friend still had to see a half episode (=30 minutes). so i slept on the couch while she was watching and it was like 4AM. after she finished watching, she woke me up and we went to our room. the next day i woke up at 12PM and saw that my friend was already up. she sat next to me and was reading one of my mangas XD. she was eading Tsubasa Chronicle (my fav manga ever!!!!). that day we went out shopping to Leuven. there i went to buy some mangas: Nana 15, Fruits Basket 10, Tsubasa Chronicle 4 and 5 and a super large mangamagazine that was released in 1994 (my birth year XD) so the magazine has the same age as i XD well i wanted to buy Bleach 13 and Gals! 8 but they were already gone ==’ and for the anglish mangas i wanted to buy Ayashi no Ceres, cos i heard the manga is even better than the anime x3.

Fruits Basket 10 (dutch Version)

My 17 old year mangamagazine (japanese, so i can practise my japanese) and it was very cheap

Tsubasa Chronicle 4 (English Version)

Tsubasa Chronicle 5 (English Version)

Nana 15 (Dutch Version)

that night we ate Japanese Curry

next day~

dinner: Sukiyaki

meanwhile i also made a drawing for an other friend. i call it kids cosplaying “Bunnies”

and yesterday it was old year’s eve. my friend went back home and we prepared our dinner for that night.

well next and last topic of today… my new layout ^^

for my Header i chose “Starry Sky” my current addiction (will tell you next time why it is y addiction and what it’s about)

as for my background i choose something snow-ish cos it’s January and it’s still winter >_<

so that’s a bit so what’s currently happening here

I Wish you All A Happy New Year!!!!

Baii Baii~~~



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Yay ~ more stuff :3
    That’s awesome that you found an old Japanese magazine to help practice your Japanese (I’ve been doing that though I’ve been a little lazy with it recently – due to break 😀 Will have to get back into action here soon!)

    Hope you had lots of fun!
    (Sounds like it!)
    Love all the pictures you have been drawing :3
    Drawing = fun ❤

    • hehe and there were many other magazines in japanese even some mangas in japanese
      lol well i didn’t read my japanese manga cos i’m too lazy to do that, instead i’m just reading my new ones xD

      hehe it was fun x3
      hehe thx i love your doodling x3
      duuh!! i’ve been drawing a lot during my break
      drawing = Fun, fun, fun… it never gets boring ❤

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