Everyday has a Good Ending~

yo minna-san so yesterday was actually a “so so” day for me and when it became evening it’ became like a “woohooo” day XD cos yesterday morning (schoolday) i was like *sleep,sleep* and couldn’t focus in class XD but it got better in the afternoon, cos i’m a evening person so how later it gets, how […]

かわいい猫 + new hairstyle + Fav Uta!!!

yo minna-san so yesterday i was drawing, duh with my drawingtablet >_< what else…  i think i’m gonna call my drawingtablet BAMBOO since the mark is BAMBOO and it sounds nice and cute… ok so as i was saying, i was drawing well actually copying a pic, so it’s a picxdraw :3 so here it is

お誕生日おめでとうございます と Thankies for Love Ratings!!!

yo minna-san so today (actually here few minutes left XD) it’s my b-day and just like previous year while i did the same thing for the question of which celebrity has the same b-day as me, i’ve found more this time like the previous year i only had Orlando Bloom and Chara (J-singer of the […]