Meri Kurisumasu!!!

yo minna-san

so it’s been awhile. i hope you all have a pleasant month, cos i kinda hadn’t had one (Exams ==’) . as you can see today it’s Christmas (here at least it’s still the 25th (yaaaaay X-mas is like the best holiday ever >_<)). ok so i’m also gonna tell you guys what i’m gonna do in my winter break and also what’s new in my manga collection and what i’ve been doing this few week

ok so this month it’s like (for me and people of my country and age) horrible. the whole month (ok not the whole month but still from the 8th to the 21th December) studying, studying and studying ==’. well i hope i got good grades, cos  planned friday to get my report at school but there was too much snow, so school told us to wait till monday. so i’m still waiting >_<

ok so next topic is my planning for ths break. it actually all depends on my grades of my exams. if they are good, i can go to a “meeting” well actually it’s an animemeeting. friends who know friends that love anime or kpop and such invite each other so the result is one big group of anime/kpop freaks that are hanging around in a town. this time it’s Ghent. then after this one of my friends will come at my house and we’ll have a sleepover. we’ll be watching a lot dramas, playing games, reading mangas, chitchat, eat a lot of food, dancing, staying till late and so on >_< too much to be named XD. then next week i’m gonna go to Brussels to meet a friend and will be walking, shopping and stuff, but of course this will happen if my grades are good so wish me luck >_<

ok so next topic is what i did during the exam period. ok except studyng till 2AM almost every day ==’ (some people call me crazy, but i call it studying ^^) i also watch dramas :p. i finished Playful Kiss and it was freaking awesome >_< well actually i love this kind of story so that’s why ^^ Playful Kiss or Mischievious Kiss is a drama adaption of the manga: Itazura na Kiss. this story is about a stupid girl Oh Ha  Ni played by Jung So Min  that falls in love with a smart bay named Baek Seung Jo played by SS501’s Leader Kim Hyun Joong and she tries to get him, but got rejected. her house even was destroyed. and her dad has a friend that offers them hospitality. later Oh Ha Ni finds out that her dad’s friend was no one other then the dad of Baek Seung jo. and so they live together under 1 roof.

i think this story is popular enough that i don’t need to sum it up. now i continued Cinderella’s sister and my mom bought a new set of dramas that coming this way. i ordered a JDrama: Atashi no Danshi and a Taiwanese Drama: You’re my Destiny. i hope they are coming soon ^^

oow yeah i’ve finished Princess Princess and i like the story. it’s not that shounen ai as i thought :p and now i continue Kimi Ni Todoke and i began Tokyo Mew Mew. i’ve also completed Chika Shiomi’s Canon and Night Of The Beast. Night Of The Beast reminds me of Ayashi no Ceres and i loved that anime. so i probably will try to find the manga of Ayashi no Ceres and buy it 😀

also i’ve been drawing after the exams, even during the exams XD

ok this one was drawn before the exams began xD

this one was drawn during the exam of math. i had time left over so i drew this. after all it was snowing outside

this one is for a friend of my mom that lives in the USA >_<

this one was made today for all my friends on facebook 😀

this one was a request of someone on DeviantArt. it’s Tatsuro from MUCC although i’m not a JRock fan

now the new collection of my manga ^^

Otomen 4

Pandora Hearts 4

Switch Girl!! 4 and 5

xxxHolic 1

xxxHolic 2

xxxHolic 3

the xxxHolic manga was given by my aunt as a Christmas present

now last but not least our Christmas Eve Dinner

our Christmas Tree 😀

our appetizer

Cider without Alcohol

the Turkey (becos of you, Turkey i burnt my finger, but t’s ok so i forgive you Turkey, cos i ate you XD)

You see, Turkey? XD you’re laying on my plate XD

and finally the ice cake >_<

 so that was it~ i’ll posting things once there will happen something 😀

baii baii~


2 thoughts on “Meri Kurisumasu!!!

  1. Sounds like you have an awesome schedule made up for your break 😀 (I too am enjoying my break right now. It’s ending here soon thought ;__; I don’t want to go back to school so soon!)

    Yum Yum to all that good food ;D (esp the cake!)

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