First and probably the Last one of December XD

yo minna-san

so now we are in the month of snow,cold… in other words December XD

talking about snow, it snowed in the end of November. i didn’t exspect snow this early. normally it’s always mid December that it begins to snow but this year i guess not XD

btw if you didn’t noticed it it’s DECEMBER so that means NEW header, background and profilepic XD but of course this month is special to everyone bcos it’s X-mas and that means presents >_<

haha kinda reminds me, my aunty asked my bro’s and i what we wanted for x-mas. i of course want one thing: MANGAS especially those from Tsubasa Chronicle and also XXXHolic xp . my bro’s asked for games (that’s so typicalmy bro’s XD). so i asked 6 mangas 3 TRC and 3 XXXHOlic, my bro’s asked each for 4 games XD so i posted our wishlist (of amazon cos she said she’s gonna buy it from amazon) on fb. and since then my aunty didn’t even answered me XD i think she was in shock when she saw it XD

so now back to topic: my header, profilepic and background

well i’m still a huge fan of CLAMP so why not still using stuffs of CLAMP XD

so this is my profilepic

Kobato-chan as Santa Claus x3 kawaii desu ne~

my header is Mokona-ish~ XD

it’s DECEMBER remember? XD

aargh few days ago i reached my end of my mangas… i’ve read all my mangas once now tha mangas that i’m gonna reread aren’t gonna be excited anymore XD

now i’m reading Marmalade Boy, again  XD

hehe yesterday our french teacher wasn’t at school cos she’s pregnant. so i did this XD

haha XD really random

ok so the next 3 weeks i won’t be writing anything ( unless i’ve got time XD) cos the exams are coming and it’s gonna take 10 days (excl. the weekends) so wish me luck or as Kobato would say: ” Kobato, ganbarimasu~ x3″

Baii Baii~


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