Random Post~~~

yo minna-san

well it’s been awhile that i posted something here on my blog, well that’s because those teachers gave us alot of homework and tests so i didn’t have time to post something. Sumimasen!!!

so ok except for studying and doing homework i also got my new laptop (i annoyed my mom too much that i receive my B-Day and Christmas present now instead of 25 december or 13 january XD)  so now i’ve got a Samsung laptop and i love it ❤ it’s black-ish and i find it stylish and elegant >_<

oow and also previous week we went to a friends house (well actually friends of my parents) for a so called “Luck-Pot Party” it means everyone take a it food to the party XD we made jello and every kid that was there was like “Did i hear Jello? :O i want, i want!!!!” i made the jello and it was all gone that night.

Our (my mom and i) so called “Rainbow Jelly” >_<

 ad on that party i had a purpose to be there. os there was a friend of my mom and her daughter brought some stuffs from Taiwan

those are all pencils, erasers and stuffs i like this very much >_<

this actually let me think about Sailor moon (you know their transformation thing XD)

my almighty eraser/diece XD

and i also receive alot of highlights XD

and today my mom got a package and it had a free thing. that free thing is a pprotect thing for your iPhone i dn’t have an iPhone but i’ve got an iTouch and that’s the same size so it became mine XD

so this is what i did~ really random right XD

p.s. i’m gonna ignore my blog a bit in december cos the exams are gonna come and it’s from 8 december to 22 december with alot of math ==’ ( 6 Hours Math :o)

Baii Baii~


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