Update of this Fall Break

yo minna-san

so now i really don’t know where i’m gonna start cos there’s alot to tell to you guys XD but i guess i’ll begin at the start XD (duh i think that’s logical X3)

so one of my friend just saw a horror movie and she couldn’t sleep and she asked me if i wanted to say up with her till 5AM. i was like ok, so what did i do in the meantime? well talking to her so i can stay awake and we started to talk about wedding XD so i decided to draw a bride, but i failed to draw a bride instead it became a girl in a cute dress XD

ok i know it’s smokey but i’ll try my best to use the scanner (if it lets me scan things XD)

and my friend told me a joke “hey, where’s the groom” so i decided to draw a groom X3

haha and my friend told my she could fall for this drawing XD

anyways i couldn’t stay up till 5AM ( i became old XD), so i went to sleep at 3:30AM

the next day i was preparing everything cos my friend came here to stay over. dinner was sushi, tonkatsu and miso shiro XD

ok so the next day we ate Japanese Curry and it was really yummy >_<

and after that our lunch were Omurice and Okonomiyaki and duh also those were yummy XD

and we also drank some japanese soda XD

left is melon and right is strawberry, although i kinda let me remember the anime “Akikan!” (ps i dropped it) XD

and the next day we went to shopping and so i bought some new mangas (duh of course XD) like Tokyo Babylon 1-4 and kuroshitsuji 5 >_<

this are the new edition of Tokyo Babylon so i only need volume 5 and it’s completed XD

hehe can’t wait what will happen in this volume >.<

and that’s how the sleepover went XD

the next day my friend (from the sleepover) and i went to Leuven (a city in Belgium) for an anime/manga meeting. well this was my first time doing such a thing XD and it was really fun >_<

at noon everybody was hungry and we wanted to eat thai food but it was closed so one part wanted to eat pizza and the other part wanted to eat asian food. of course i pick the asian food cos i already had pizza this week (ok asian food too but i’m asian so i don’t care XD)

this was my food >_<

and we accidently found a restaurant called “Meating Room” XD

and again i went to buy manga XD (lol me and my mangas) but this time those are english mangas the day before those were french ones >_< now i added an other 2 Tsubasa Chronicles to my collection and this time i can read it cos it’s 2 and 3 that i bought XD

hehe now i’m happy that my TRC collection is growing

hehe one of my friend wrote “Joelle, i love you ^^” on my arm

so that’s for this break~

Baii Baii~


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