happy New Layout~

yo minna-san

so today it’s November 1st and that means it’s All Saints’ Day. but also it’s November so that means it’s time for a new layout XD

this times layout will be Tsubasa Chronicle (man i still love that manga/anime, but aso other worls of CLAMP but this the most x3). why TRC? cos it’s my fav anime ever and i already made a list on amazon cos my mom said that she’ll buy me a few of them if i behave well so as kobato will say “Kobato gambarimasu X3” here are the pics that i use for this months layout…

love this wallpaper X3

wanted something with flowers XD

Sakura-hime as my profilepic >_<

ooh yeah i planned to make a manga but it failed cos i lost my inspiriration XD so yeah that’s how life is >_< but anyway i’ll show you the front with the title of it ^^

but i think i’ll color it πŸ˜€ cos it’s the front page XD

and i hope i can post everyday (only this week) for my blog cos this week we have fall break >_<

ooh yeah yesterday i finally finished the drama “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan” and it was very funny but i kinda exspected more romance >.<

so this it see you guys next time ^^

baii baii~


2 thoughts on “happy New Layout~

  1. Like your new layout
    Especially the flower background – so cute!
    I read a little of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. It was really funny from what I saw x3 I had no idea it had been turned into a live action ~

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