Random Post~~~

yo minna-san well it’s been awhile that i posted something here on my blog, well that’s because those teachers gave us alot of homework and tests so i didn’t have time to post something. Sumimasen!!! so ok except for studying and doing homework i also got my new laptop (i annoyed my mom too much […]


yo minna-san Today is a Sad Day TT cos my laptop just broke 😥 so i’ll be using my mom’s laptop now TT Yesterday was quite fun XD  we went to the ikea cos 1) my mom needed a shelf for her dramas XD 2) i needed a shelf for my mangas XD and 3) it’s […]

Update of this Fall Break

yo minna-san so now i really don’t know where i’m gonna start cos there’s alot to tell to you guys XD but i guess i’ll begin at the start XD (duh i think that’s logical X3) so one of my friend just saw a horror movie and she couldn’t sleep and she asked me if […]

happy New Layout~

yo minna-san so today it’s November 1st and that means it’s All Saints’ Day. but also it’s November so that means it’s time for a new layout XD this times layout will be Tsubasa Chronicle (man i still love that manga/anime, but aso other worls of CLAMP but this the most x3). why TRC? cos […]