What Yesterday happened…

yo minna-san so yesterday after school our class did a classactivity ^^ huh? what’s classactivity? well it’s well like going to swim or something with your classmates and the teacher. so what we did was bowling >_< mann~ i really suck at bowling cos we did 2 games and i didn’t even get over the […]

Already One Year~

yo minna-san i promised you guys that i would post something on my blog when it’s the DAY. well here it is… Happy Anniversary My Dear Blog x3 and also thx to you guys i was able to do this ^^ PS i made it just for the blog but also bcos i’m addicted to […]

There’s Change In The World~

yo minna-san so yesterday i realised that this blog is soon gonna be 1 year old (only 9 days left) and i was like ” what, already 1 year!?” so yeah on that day i’ll be also posting something on my blog >_< so my next topic is… as you can see i changed my […]

Sashiburi desu ne~

yo minna-san it’s really really been a long time that i’ve posted something (wow one month ago was my last post oops) well you know i was busy with school and if not i was too lazy to write something down sumimasen minna >_< well let’s start at the beginning (that’s around end August) i’ve […]