Big News~

yo minna-san

so this time’s post will be about random things XD

first as you know (or not XD) i went to a Comic Convention named F.A.C.T.S. and there i met alot of friends and one of them just made a Blog (hehe and i inspired him XD) so now i’m gonna promote him through my blog XD just like what i did to my other friend (the one with the J-Rock blog)

so now his blog address is:ย

i hope you’ll give him joy >_<

gambatte Giru-san >_<

ok next topic

so after that F.A.T.C.S. was finished the monday i couldn’t sleep and i suddenly wanted to draw something. so i took a pencil and paper and tadaah!! this was my result

it’s not that i’m depressive it’s just i’ve never drown sad people so XD

and this work beneath is awork from yesterday

ok next topic

so yesterday i began a new anime called “Princess Princess” and it’s too funny XD

warning! it’s shounen-ai so for the people that can’t take it beware XD

and also yesterday i found something really funny on Youtube XD

ooh yeah and today a friend of mine showed me this thing “CLAMP no Kiseki” i was like *waah where did you get that?* and she said that she’ll sell me those (volume 1 and 3) for 4 euro. and of course i bought it and now it’s mine except the chess pieces. she didn’t sell them cos they’re cute so yeah TT

but this is itย 

i’m soo happy today >_<

ok so that’s for today ๐Ÿ˜€

baii baii till next time >_<


4 thoughts on “Big News~

  1. Princess Princess!
    That anime made me lol ~
    Everyone told me it was shounen-ai but I really didn’t see anything much concerning boy x boy
    Then again, I maybe just filtered it out & just paid attention to the funny stuff x3

    • haha me to it made me lol XD

      maybe it’s cos the ending song of princess princess was shounen-ai-ish and the kiss scene of Yuu-chan and too-chan X3
      ps i am not finished yet i already spoiler meself XD

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