F.A.C.T.S. 2010~

yo minna-san

so yesterday i went to my second manga convention (well actually there are only 2 manga  convention in 1 year XD) and it was amazing. my friend and i made a deal that my dad drove us to the trainstation at 7:30 AM and that his dad drove me back home. so i put my alarm on 5:45AM to wake up and to dress up.

so in the morning my alarm didn’t even made any noise. luckily i watched my alarm and saw that it was 6:35AM. i was like “Sh*t why stupid alarm didn’t you make any noise!!!” and so i did everything as quick as possible cos i also must make my sandwiches cos eating on a manga convention is really expensive. so yeah i was ready with everything and it was 7:05AM and went to the car. my dad drove me to the house of my friend and pick him up. next stop was the station. there on the station a friend of my friend was there and we went on the train at 7:40AM. and we stopped in Brussels (capital of belgium) and there there was a other friend of us. well it was the sister of my classmate in the past. so it’s been 8 years or something like that that we didn’t saw each other >_<.

so then we went in the train with 4 men XD and went to Ghent for the manga convention. meanwhile in the train we took pics, moving and stuffs. we were like “look places for 2 *goes to that place*” and later “wow look a place for 4 people *goes to the 4 place seat* XD. we also took pics

really random pic XD

here my friend tried to pake a pic of me and i from him X3

so arriving there we waited like 30 min – 1 hour in the cold to buy the tickets TT

so ok after we got in i took a pic of my friend who cosplayed Laharl from Disgaea

everybody was looking at him cos outside it was very cold XD

hehe althought i’m not a fan of Star Wars this pic is extremely Kawaii X3

watch out R2-D2, it’s Chibi Darth Vader XD!!!

then all of a sudden i saw my fav game (The Legend of Zelda) in real person (well someone cosplayed him xD)

mann~it’s Link my fav Game Character x3

and then we met Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight that’s btw also one of my friend XD

group pic xD from left to right: Ritsuka, Yuuki, Laharl

Pikachu x3

Hamtaro x3

my friend (classmate’s sister) was amazed by this and on the train we decided that for the next convention (somewhere in Mars) that we will do Lolita: i as a gothic Lolita and she as a kawaii lolita XD

btw i also made alot of new friends that are interested in Manga and stuffs X3

well during the contest my camera said that my memory was full (cos there were other things on it XD) so i didn’t took pics anymore TT but in the contest there was a kakashi from naruto that was amazing

and also this one only the beginning 😀

so arriving home i decided to take a pic of mt ticket (btw i removed all the pics in my camera)

first the Ticket XP

next the posters >_<

2PM ❤

Kuroshitsuji ❤ ❤

❤ Kim Hyun Joong ❤

SS501 <3<3<3 i waited soo long for this X3

an other Kuroshitsuji ❤

Vampire Knight with Zero half open shirt *kyaaaaaaa~*

FT Island ❤ and it was the only one 😀

now the mangas

Tsubasa Chronicle 7

Tsubasa Chronicle 8

Tsubasa Chronicle 9

Tsubasa Chronicle 11

Tsubasa Chronicle 12

Tsubasa Chronicle 13

and still i can’t continue the manga TT still missing TRC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 16, 18 – 28 TT

demo gambarimasu x3

so this was my second Convention Story X3

Baii baii~



2 thoughts on “F.A.C.T.S. 2010~

  1. That’s cool that your friend went as Laharl despite it being friggin cold xD (I is a big Disgaea fan haha)

    The chibi Vadar is so cute! Reminds me of the chibi Sora from Kingdom Hearts I saw at a recent con ^^

    Looks like you got a good haul :3
    Love those posters ~

    Hope you had fun!

    • hehe i know when we entered the room most of the people looked at him like *wow it’s soo cold and he still can cosplay this >__<

      uhu i really had fun but i want moar
      next con is in march =='

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