What Yesterday happened…

yo minna-san

so yesterday after school our class did a classactivity ^^

huh? what’s classactivity? well it’s well like going to swim or something with your classmates and the teacher. so what we did was bowling >_< mann~ i really suck at bowling cos we did 2 games and i didn’t even get over the 100 (lmao) but it was fun

so and then after our classactivity i went home got some food and kabang!!!! it’s PC-time *goes dancing somewhere* so what did i do? well first of checking Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Mangafox… and then i decided to watch the rest of CLAMP’s work: X/1999 >_<

and yes i finally finshed it πŸ˜€ i was soo happy when i did that cos this week was like “yes home~ *dances*, oow wait no homework, tests ==’ ” cos yesterday i received my report card for daily work. and of course all those teachers want to put a score on the report cards so what do they do? one word “TESTS!!!” well yeah except for Biology and Physical Ed. i’m above the average score of the class :pΒ 

so back to topic: so i completed X but i kinda wanted to have an other ending it’s not that i thought it was a bad ending, it’s just that the battle of Kamui’s Dragon of the Earth and Kamui’s Dragon of Heaven went it’s too fast and i thought Fuuma would cry cos he killed Kamui but it’s still a great work of CLAMP πŸ˜€

i really hope that they’ll continue the manga πŸ˜€

well so my next anime will be Hakuouki 2, Psychic Detective Yakumo maybe i’ll continue Kimi ni Todoke *thinking*

next topic: Drama

well i’ve been dropping Cinderella’s Sister and now i’m watching Yankee-kun To Megane-chan it’s funny but i heard that the manga is better than the drama is it true?

so this was it for now

baii baii~


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