Already One Year~

yo minna-san

i promised you guys that i would post something on my blog when it’s the DAY. well here it is… Happy Anniversary My Dear Blog x3 and also thx to you guys i was able to do this ^^

PS i made it just for the blog but also bcos i’m addicted to CLAMP XD

Wow 1 year i remember as the day of yesterday that i was kinda bored and suddenly i thought “hey why not making a new blog?” and so “Mangafanatic’s Talking About Anime” was born :p

so i hope you guys will still visit my blog and you’re always welcome to my blog so stay tuned~ (like the radios) hehe always wanted to say this :p


2 thoughts on “Already One Year~

  1. Yay for one year anniversaries! πŸ˜€
    Where did the time go?

    That character in your picture looks familiar
    Is he from X?
    Hmm, he looks too innocent for X though.
    I’m thinking something a little bit more cuter~

    I doodled a picture for my blog too πŸ˜€
    Yay for doodling ~

    Congrats again on hitting 1 year!!!!

    • uhu indeed yaay One year for us >_< *dances*
      ikr it passes so quickly XD

      uhu but this is actually the prequel of X called Tokyo Babylon. Subaru (the character of the pic) is the main character in Tokyo Babylon and side character in X πŸ˜€
      so this is the younger version of Subaru Sumeragi from X

      what's doodling?

      hehe thx again πŸ˜€

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