Cosplay Ritsuka <3

yo minna-san

so few days ago i finally finished my cosplay and took a pic of it. *happy >____<* well this times cosplay was for the comic-convention that will come this month. so why not finishing it earlier? well i’ll tell you why, it’s bcos i’m too lazy and homework XD

well so my cosplay is finished, i’m feeling alot better than before cos i was afraid that i couldn’t make it in time for my cosplay. so here you are my final work ^^

“Ritsuka Aoyagi” from “Loveless”

oow btw next time i’ll put a pic of the complete cosplay cos taking pics on your own is difficult to do T__T

Baii Baii~


2 thoughts on “Cosplay Ritsuka <3

  1. Dwah, how cute!
    Prepare yourself: you’ll be bombarded with lots of picture requests at that con
    (my friend dressed up and people were taking her picture left and right – she dressed up as Chi from Chobits! She was so cute)
    (since it was my first con, I didn’t dress up. However, next year is going to be different >:D)

    Hope you have fun!

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