Sashiburi desu ne~

yo minna-san

it’s really really been a long time that i’ve posted something (wow one month ago was my last post oops) well you know i was busy with school and if not i was too lazy to write something down

sumimasen minna >_<

well let’s start at the beginning (that’s around end August)

i’ve bought Tsubasa Chronicle (my fav anime ever!!) but still i can’t read it cos this time i bought was #14, #15, #17 and before that i’ve got #1 and #10 so i still can’t get ahead ==’

but of course i bought other things like the following mangas of Shibariya Komachi

ok so after doing alot of “things” (actually i was too lazy the first weeks of school for blogging)

my mom made us (my 2 brothers and i) and herself some fresh yoghurt with strawberries

yummy isn’t it >_<

and so in those first weeks i did something soo cute X3 it did some stitchworks on my backpack

is it a fish and a cat?

you can see it right those are my stitch works (well i only stitch the forms on it :p)

and few weeks later i cut my hair even shorter than before (duh!!! that’s logical XD)

now it’s perfect for my cosplay of Ritsuka from Loveless cos the end of this month there’s a convention of comic and of course manga is part of it ^^ now i’ve got everything i need for my cosplay the only thing that i must do is editing one clothing >_<

so previous monday i didn’t have school so my mom, brother and i went to shopping. in one of those stores i arceived my goal of wearing earrings watch

this is my arceivement i once told my friend right after that i wore earrings that i want strawberry earrings XP and now my wish has come out >_< i’m soo happy

but yeah for me shopping there will be always the word “manga” that i thought of it so this time i bought an one-shot named “Miyo” from Nami Akimoto and Pandora Hearts 3

and so i came towards my dream coat that i always wanted one like this

when i saw the coat i think of the korean drama “Boys over Flowers”. those people have really pretty coats ❤

so this is the end of my post

i hope i won’t become lazy anymore for my blog

oow yeah now curently i’m watching X1999 from CLAMP

i’ve finished Kuroshitsuji 2 i didn’t except the ending of it

and for Shiki they’re not updating till this month ==’

baii baii~


5 thoughts on “Sashiburi desu ne~

  1. Wow, so much manga!
    And that strawberry x yogurt thing looks so yummy!

    I have never had my ears pierced (and doubt I ever will, unless they are clip on earrings ;3)
    But those strawberry earrings are so cute!

    Hope your cosplay goes well :3
    For Halloween, my friend is going to dress up as Gary Oak from Poke’mon bc a friend of hers is going as Ash. She was looking at me like, you know you want do dress up as someone ^__^
    Lol, I was thinking Nurse Joy (due to the short time until Halloween it’ll be easy to find an outfit relating to her) but it all depends if I can make it home in time ^^;

  2. Hey, I just hopped over to your site via StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might usually read, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thank you for creating some thing worth reading.

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