Back To School

yo minna-san

so it’s been awhile

well now here it’s school i just had my first day of school. we are with 5 in 1 class, well actually we’re a mixed class: 3 are from Latin Modern Language, 3 are from Science Modern Language and 5 are from Modern Lagnuage Math. so in total we’re with 11. we don’t even got an own classroom TTwell yeah that was my first school day, but yeah before school we received our books from school including an agenda so what did i do to my agenda? well see for yourself XD

the front (up)

the back (up)

i even made a bookmark XD so what is it on it? well manga of course and other stuff connected to it :p

those here above is mine and beneath is for a friend of mine :p she loves Loveless >_<

so now other topic

well as you can see i changed my layout into very School-ish cos yeah it’s school (duh!!!) this time the header is one of my fav manga/anime that will turn into a korean drama called “Itazura Na Kiss” aka “Playful Kiss” i love the story. the anime it’s until now the best ending ever the i’ve seen !!! i was shocked when the mangaka died before finishing the manga TT well why this “Itazura Na Kiss”? 1. it’s about school and 2. it’s aired today (September 1st) so yeah :p

the header…

the background…

oow yeah in the meantime i finished Pandora Hearts. well i didn’t like the ending TT it looked like an open ending luckily i bought the manga so i know what will happen next >.<

and today in the morning our dvd dramas arrived. there was Megane-chan to Yankee-kun, tumbling, bad guy, beethoven virus, hotaru no hikaru, cain and abel and others hehe i cant wait to see Megane-chan to Yankee-kun X3

well yeah so that’s for now

baii baii


10 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. yay~ for us having nice timing with the Itazura na Kiss headers! πŸ˜€ Yours is adorable as well! πŸ˜€ I’m reading the manga and watched the anime and the first season of the Taiwanese version. I really need to watch the second season and I think I’m going to start following the Korean version since it’s airing now, which makes things easier. :3

    • yaay high five ^^
      hehe i didn’t read the manga cos i feel sad for the mangaka that died TT it makes me sad
      i watched the anime ( i probably already said it in my reponse at the header of yours) i know the drama but my mom doesn’t want to buy the drama cos she already saw it
      i’ll (my mom not me) buy the korean drama cos Kim Hyun Joong is Naoki :p

  2. Like the covers on your books :3
    I spotted Kobato :3 And many other CLAMP things.
    I also saw that picture where all the male nendoroids are dressed in butler suits (well, in the male Sebastian’s body) and are lined up next to a chair. Love that picture x3

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