Latest picxdraw

yo minna-san

sorry for my non-active here on “Mangafanatic’s talking about Anime!” man i’m so lazy

well this times blogpost is about picxdraw (very long time) and fangirling and of course also daily life ^^

well let’s start with the last one >.<

ok so you know it’s almost school (at least for me then) so what do you need for school? and i’m not talking about school stuff but i’m talking about an ALARM ^^ that’s right i bought an alarm so i won’t be late for school also this year i’m going to school with the bus. it’s a alarm with iPod function, so now every morning i hear my fav songs instead of that buzzer ==’

the alarm looks like this…

today we (my bros, my mom and i) went to town for my buspass. after that we went to buy things: my bros bought games and i bought Bleach 12 ^_^

so next topic is picxdraw ย >_<

so i’ve been watching Kuroshitsuji (right now i’m really addicted to it :p) so i picxdrew sebastian and ciel

the real one

and mine version

and now i’m currently watching Pandora Hearts and it’s soo addicting >_<

my fav character are Gilbert, Break and Jack. but this time i drew Break look…

real version

mine version

so now it’s Fangirling-Time X3

so as you know (or not) i’m also a kpop fan aspecially from SS501 ^_^ and my friend is fan from FT Island

so we choose our Bias from the group and mine was Kim Hyung Joon (maknae=baby) and my friend’s was Lee Hong Ki

so this was my Fangirling =3

so what did i also do was…

on a boring day i thought “hey why not making a closet into Hiragana style, cos i’ve already drew things on my closet so why not change for awhile ^-^”

so as you see that’s how it become…

so yeah there’s an other week til school

Baii Baii


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