Japanese Garden + New Stuff

yo minna-san

so it’s been awhile

why you ask? well that’s bcos i’m lazy :p

well so previous saturday my family and i wen to Maastricht (The Netherlands) for DimSum and later on we went to Landgraaf (still in The Netherlands) to see a place called Mundo Verde. well why there? cos there’s a Japanese Garden :p

and so we went there…

entrance of Japan:D

this is supposed to be Kyoto

hehe me in Kyoto ^^

hehe a little souvenir shop

hehe now back to the present (ok not really present but closer XD) yesterday my mom, 2 bros, my friend and i went to buy mangas and games. my friend bought Otaku Girls and Beach Stars. my bros bought Professor Layton DS and Rayman Raving Rabbits TV party DS. and as for me i went to buy a bunch a mangas :p watch the pics beneath

hehe after watching the anime i wanted to buy the manga cos they say it’s different than the anime (oow yeah forgot to tell you guys, i finished kuroshitsuji season 1 and i’m waiting for more of Season 2 :D)

i bought this manga cos it was for 1,5€ (like 2$) so i bought it.BUT when i came home a inmediately went to my pc to look how much there are. and it was annonced that this manga was dropped cos the publisher went down. even the english publisher dropped it. it’s called “The First King Adventure” i bought it cos it was drawn cute X3

it looks like that we’ll never know the end TT

and the last one is Pandora Hearts ^^ it’s bcos i’m currently watching the anime and i liked it so πŸ˜€

and it has connections with Alice in Wonderland (love that story)

so this time all the mangas i’ve bought were Shounen

and yeah my collection is growing :p

so that’s for now

oow yeah i’ve got an account on Twitter and Tumblr



feel free to follow me πŸ˜€

baii baii


4 thoughts on “Japanese Garden + New Stuff

  1. So much neat stuff
    Wished my place had cool stuff like that too

    OMG you are on #4 of Black Butler!?
    Wow, us in the US are so behind XD

    The First King’s Adventure – I know that manga-ka! She does Animal Academy. Her art and stories are very cute πŸ˜€

    Pandora Hearts!
    I love Gilbert (my favorite character)
    I’ve only read 1 volume (left #2 at home so I won’t get to read it until sometime in September D:)

    • hehe πŸ˜€

      uhu ikr even kobato is behind in the states 😦

      i know her art is indeed cute but yeah it’s been dropped TT

      hehe i haven’t started to read (only preview of it) but i’m watching the anime currently. but gilbert is really funny XD

      oow in the site of the manga they say that pandora hearts #3 is coming out in september :p

  2. Black Butler!! Über fantastic, that ^_^ The first episode in the Anime had Sebastian create a Japanese garden when Finnian burnt the garden on the Phantomhive estate to the ground.

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