Paris ~ Day 4

yo minna-san

so normally this was a post that was for yesterday but i was so busy with watching Anime(Kuroshitsuji) that i hadn’t time to do this >_< ooh btw i finished Kuroshitsuji Season 1 yesterday an today i’m gonna watch the second Season and after that i think i’ll complete Hanasakeru Seishonen (ima i’m at ep 20)

so today i’ll tell you people how day 4 was. well day 4 also happens to be our last day TT

so what did we do? that’s a good question (geez i’m talking to myself XD) well the hotel was close to a Shopping Center so we went to shop a bit. first the Outlet then the Shopping Center it self ^^ so this is how the Outlet was like…

well those pics were pics from the early morning (around 9:50AM) so all the shops were still closed

meanwhile we (the kids) took a pic >_<

(aaaaaaaaah~ what a memory ^^)

and also drank Starbucks (man in this vacation we drank 3 times Starbucks in 4 days >.<)

so after those Shopping Center and the Outlet, we rode elsewhere (i didn’t even know where XD). laterthat elsewhere was the Chinese Supermarket. there we saw those huge lollipops >_<

hehe my bro is this time the model :p

ok so after all this we finally rode back to Belgium. and we stopped only once. for sandwiches cos we didn’t ate anything and there i saw those mangas (french ones of course) i kinda forgot how it was called. the name wasn’t written well on the books. those mangas were 2โ‚ฌ (around the 2.6$) that was cheap. it had volume 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 but no 1 so i didn’t buy it cos if you buy old mangas then it’s difficult to find the others. like Shibariya Komachi and Taiyou Made 3m were not easy to find and those were mangas from like 3-4 years ago.

ok so after all this we finally got home (aah~ home sweet home) so what to do? well opened the box with my poster of the alphabeth of japanese ^^( look at the pic above),ย opened the posters of the magazine. i choose Tsubasa Chronicle over Zombie Loan (duh i’m a huge CLAMP fan >.<) and Fairy Tail over Rosario + Vampire (well Fairy Tail kinda looks nice and if my mom or dad saw that i an ecchi pic in my room they would scold me so)

ooh and i forgot to take a pic from Taiyou Made 3m volume 3 so here it is ๐Ÿ˜€

so that was it!!!ย thanks for reading my Vacation in Paris



6 thoughts on “Paris ~ Day 4

  1. ahahahaha! .. i know ryt?! .. starbucks makes one of the bEST coffees in the WORLD!..
    uber yeah! ..

    especially with goldilocks cakes and pasties!
    are to die for!!!!

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