Paris ~ Day 3

yo minna-san

so day 3 was actually my fav day of all them. why? is it special?

well duh that day we went to Paris the real Paris and not the place where we lived well i actually planned that day to go Disney Studios but thought that weren’t such fun atractions (well there were some of them that there were cool like “The Hotel Tower of Terror” and “The Rock ‘n Roll Coaster” but that’s was all so we decided to go to Paris (for the food XD) so we took the RER (some train from Marne-La-Vallée to Paris) and arrived in Paris ^^the first thing that we saw when we came from the RER is this (>^_^)> well what’s this? this is the “Opéra” ^^

next stop was this…

The ZenZoo Tea shop (what’s ZenZoo Tea? well that a tea mixed with milk and then they add black pearls in it if you don’t understand it look at the pic beneath. that’s what i drank >_<)

ZenZoo Tea =3

Model: Mom

in this shop “Komikku” (sute a Kawaii name=3) i bought my fifth Shibariya Komachi aka L’attache Coeurs ^^

i love this store “Junkundo” it had soo much things i was like the shop in SanFrancisco 😀

Pho (Vietnamese Food >.<)

after walking much we arrived here (finally)Sadaharu Aoki (really Expensive Shop for Cakes, but they were good X3)

bought this this magazine while waiting for the RER this Magazine of Manga (wow, reallyXD) in French 😀 with 5 posters (Fairy Tail, Tsubasa Chronicle, Zombie Loan, Rosario + Vampire and Lanfeust Quest)

my Shibariya Komachi 5 >_<

hehe this was needed for my next Japanese lesson 😀

My Very Very Very Thick Dictionary @_@

it’s like 5cm thick but yeah if you’re interested in it then yeah 😀

hehe also bought a poster of Hiragana, Katakana & the pronounciation (it will come handy :D)

i liked their Card ❤ this is the front…

…and this the back (such a lively color =3)

my Dinner (Duck with Rice and cucumber :p)

and of course the cakes as dessert >.<

the inside…

the BIG macaron with Fruit for my bro

the Passion Fruit Cake for Me X3

the Mocha Cake for my Dad

and the Lemon Cheesecake for my Mom


so that was it for Day 3~

(i want to spent an other day like this ‘3’)



2 thoughts on “Paris ~ Day 3

    • me too and my mom wanted to drink it cos we can’t drink it in Belgium
      but if we go to the states there in the chinatowns we always find one and drink some 😀
      i know and my mom’s always saying
      ooh my it’s like i’m eating money (cos those cakes are expensive)

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