Paris ~ Day 2

yo minna-san

so what did i do on day 2? well the anwser is DISNEYLAND PARIS >_<

so we departed at 11AM and at 12 PM we were there in Disney Land Paris (well actually it’s very close. then why riding 1 hour? well cos on that day there were soo much people that there was a traffic for the the entrance of the parking of the Park.

you see all those cars? just for the Payment of the parking!!!

entrance to Disney Village, Disney Studios and Disney Land Paris

The Famous Castle of DisneyLand >_<

First Atraction: Captain EO starring Michael Jackson

why this first? well

1. there weren’t many people

2. it’s new for us (previous years were ” Honey, i shrunk the audience”

3. there was AC >_<

and that’s what you call FASTpass?! (it was for Space Mountain Mission 2. i wanted to go in but there were some technical problems TT)

StarTours (my little Bro’s Fav atraction ^^)

yay Cinderella =3

kinda reminds me of the Drama called “Cinderella’s Sister” though didn’t watched it yet >_<

yaaaaaaay my fav atraction “It’s A Small World” X3

well we didn’t went into it cos… you can see what it says TT

Chessire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”

reminds me of Heart No Kuni No Alice” (Great Manga btw)

Captain Jack Sparrow & Me ^^

The Haunted Manor (hehe my Mom’s Fav Atraction, she loves Horror Movies >_<)

ooh i see Donald Duck, the friend of Stitch, people from Monster Inc. and Others

look!! The Incredibles & MickeyMouse ^^

“hehe i’m Cosplaying a Flamingo :p”

Space Mountain Mission 2

waiting at Autotopia (my other bro his fav attraction)

“whaaaaaaaaah~he’s gonna kill me!!!

i liked this so why not taking a pic =3

Mister Statue

gives him money and he’ll move >_<

StarBucks (my family loves Starbucks >.<)

hehe “Thanks For Visiting” my Blog :p

well what did you know? we went to eat that Korean Restaurant that we yesterday saw ^^

this is how a korean BBQ looks like ^^

Korean BBQ goes with what? well of course with Kimchi >.<

look at all that meat >_< (we are all meat-eaters, so beware vegetarians ^^)

and we put some seafood and meat on it >.< (wow!!!)

and so our evening closes with the eating part of hole the shopping center :p

such a beautiful view ~_~

so this was Day 2

stay tuned for more~



6 thoughts on “Paris ~ Day 2

  1. wow co0l..:)
    love the tour you had, and yupZ! especially the kimchi..:)

    ^^ oh yeah.. we follow each other on twitter ryt?

    yeah.. sooo ^^ BBQ luv kimchiii!!!

    see yah~ acquaintance party tonight .. jejeje

  2. Disneyland!!! ❀
    I'm shocked by how packed it is!
    The one in Japan wasn't as bad though you have Johnny Depp at yours! (granted, when I did go to the one in Japan, Pirates of the Caribbean wasn't out yet ^^)

    Starbucks is truly everywhere!

    More yummy food ❀

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