Paris ~ Day 1

yo minna-san

so as promised today i’ll tell you people how my first day in Paris (well actually we lived in Marne-La-Vallée, where DisneyLand Paris is) went ^^

so we ( my parents, 2 bros and i) departed at 1PM from our home (central Belgium) to France, to be exact Marne-La-Vallée. what did we did this morning then? well i woke up at 9AM and prepared my iTouch, sandwiches, bag, mangas (duh of course :p) and the foodmachine of my turtle “Scooby Doo”. and so rode to the south of Belgium.

well our first stop was already in France we actually only stop once :p and there we ate the sandwiches that my bro and i prepared, drank something. meanwhile i took a pic from the stop >_<

and so we rode further. after 1-2 hours riding the car, we arrived at the hotel in Val d’Europe (somewhere in Marne-La-Vallée) it was 4PM (well to be honestly from Belgium to France is 3 hours riding, so it’s not that long ^^) so we first checked in, parked our car in their garage, picked our luggage and went to our room. well this hotel is a hotel with rooms like a little appartment (so we’ve got a kitchen, bathroom, table, a king-sized bed, a big sofa that you can take it out so it can be a king-sized bed and a small sofa with the same function as the big sofa)

when we entered the room, we were shocked that the room was smaller than the previous time (1 year ago). previous year there was a double bed and now not anymore TT. so previous year there were 3 pieces and this year it has 2 pieces. our room’s number was 440. the hall kinda remind me of an cruise ship (although i’ve never been on a cruise ship XD, but i guess it reminds me of those rooms in a cruise ship in a movie like “The Titanic” or something like that.

well the following things are pics with information >_<

the King-Sized Bed

The Kitchen


our room’s number

yay!! Starbucks X3

you see that restaurant right? that’s a Korean Restaurant (Korean BBQ) well we didn’t eat there the first night

Auchan is the supermarket of Val d’Europe. it kinda remind me of Au-Chan (someone’s name with Chan =3)

here’s what we ate that night. Chinese Restaurant >_<

their Brand ^^

the inside

Spicy Squirt >_<

fish ^^

Duck <(^_^<)

a mix of meat :p

Seafood XD

ribs with pineapple

my plate ^_^

well that was Day 1 in Paris >_<

see you tomorrow for Day 2 Paris~ (if i’m not too lazy :p)


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