New Layout and Paris

yo Minna-san

so it’s been awhile but yeah that also because my family and i went to Paris and came back yesterday.

well first i’ll start with the new layout i hope you noticedthat i changed it XD as you can see it’s changed into Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler but why Kuroshitsuji?

well ima i’m watching Kuroshitsuji so i’m now kinda in a Kuroshitsuji Mode >_<

ok so now let’s begin with Paris ^^

so this year we went to Paris but not for the culture (that’s what we did previous year) but for the asian food and stuffs =3

there are 4 days so i’m gonna split it up in 4 so tomorrow (probably if i’m not too lazy XD) you’ll have Day 1

here’s a little preview ^^

so Mata Ne~


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