Latest picxdraw

yo minna-san sorry for my non-active here on “Mangafanatic’s talking about Anime!” man i’m so lazy well this times blogpost is about picxdraw (very long time) and fangirling and of course also daily life ^^ well let’s start with the last one >.< ok so you know it’s almost school (at least for me then) […]

Japanese Garden + New Stuff

yo minna-san so it’s been awhile why you ask? well that’s bcos i’m lazy :p well so previous saturday my family and i wen to Maastricht (The Netherlands) for DimSum and later on we went to Landgraaf (still in The Netherlands) to see a place called Mundo Verde. well why there? cos there’s a Japanese […]

Paris ~ Day 4

yo minna-san so normally this was a post that was for yesterday but i was so busy with watching Anime(Kuroshitsuji) that i hadn’t time to do this >_< ooh btw i finished Kuroshitsuji Season 1 yesterday an today i’m gonna watch the second Season and after that i think i’ll complete Hanasakeru Seishonen (ima i’m […]

Paris ~ Day 3

yo minna-san so day 3 was actually my fav day of all them. why? is it special? well duh that day we went to Paris the real Paris and not the place where we lived well i actually planned that day to go Disney Studios but thought that weren’t such fun atractions (well there were some of them that there were […]

Paris ~ Day 2

yo minna-san so what did i do on day 2? well the anwser is DISNEYLAND PARIS >_< so we departed at 11AM and at 12 PM we were there in Disney Land Paris (well actually it’s very close. then why riding 1 hour? well cos on that day there were soo much people that there […]