yo minna-san

so well what did i do these days?

well i bought a KimiDoll =3 i wanted it soo Badly

her name’s Hitomi (means Caring)

here’s the pic ^^

up: while it’s in the box, under: well you’ll guess it >_<

ooh yeah now i’ll be staying in my room cos it’s not so hot anymore. i also restyled my room well not really restyled just changed the bed’s place and stuff and so i also bought a little shelf for my mangas look ^^

it isn’t much but still most of them are Dutch mangas, but now i’m also  buying French mangas and of course there are also English mangas :3  now i’ve around the 70 mangas.

so yesterday i went to a comic store and bought there Taiyou Made  3m volume 2 (i didn’t found it anywhere) and also Shinobi Life volume  1, 2 and 3

Taiyou Made 3m volume 2 (>^_^)>

(french name’s Les Géants de mon Coeur)

Litterally: The Giants of My Hart

Mangaka: Takako Shigematsu

it’s the same mangaka of Tanshi Ja Nai!

i personally think that it sounds weird in english

but i like the story :3


next is Shinobi Life ^^

<(^_^<) Shinobi Life volume 1, 2 & 3

Mangaka: Shouko Konami

well there was a reason why i bought Shinobi Life

the first reason:

that’s because it was buy 2 and get 1 free

so why not? ^_^

the second reason:

it was on my list of mangas what i wanted to read

the third reason:

and i liked the artwork ^^

ooh and there’s one more thing left my bro gave me a free, small and really thin book. that book was the preview of Pandora Hearts. it was very suspicious cos my bro never do things like this. so i wondered what it was. well i think he was bored and gave it to me cos he knows that a love mangas =3 sometimes bros can be kind

well next week i’m in paris for vacation, but don’t worry i’ll take alot of pics from mangashops and kind but also food for you people >_<

so see you next time minna-san



7 thoughts on “Change

    • uhu
      well in Euro it was 6.95€ but if you change it to dollars it’s around the 9.06$
      but if you change it to philippines money it’s around the 412.01 PHP

      i know cos i speak dutch 😀
      oow but the problem is here they don’t sell novels and my cousins are in the States while i’m in Belgium and they’re much older than me so i don’t know if they read manga >_<

  1. and ohhh yeah/.. ur buying a lot of dutch manga… hehehe u have shelf for it to0~… thats co0l ^^
    i bought jst 15 so far, coz mom laways makes me buy those novel, or sometimes i borrow from my cousin……

  2. Aw, that KimiDoll looks so cute 8D
    Reminds me of what kelakagandy bought a long time ago
    Now I want one haha

    Ah, I saw Pikachu and Eevee 8D (the poke’mon characters on top of your shelf)
    And is that Hamtaro?

    Oh, I heard Shinobi Life is really good :3 (so Rin says)
    I hope you enjoy it
    I’m planning on starting it soon (one of these days haha)

    Your manga collection is growing fast! Soon you’ll have 3 bookshelves worth! ^_^

    • i know that from who i learned that there were such cute dolls
      although hers were Momiji dolls but kimidolls are pretty much the same

      yup that’s Pikachu and Eevee =3 (you’ve got good eyes!!!
      and yeah it’s Hamtaro >_<

      well i'm gona read it soon (when i'm in Paris =3)
      i know
      lol XD

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