Switch Girl!!

yo minna-san

so yesterday my mom, my 2 bros and me my dad went to work went to the Shopping Mall called “City 2” there’s a huge

Fnac (for the people who know Fry’s it’s a bit like that). there we went to buy games and Books. one of my bro bought “The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (btw awesome game >_<) although we played it once we actually lent it from a friend who had lent the Wii of his friend and we found it soo cool that we decided to buy it 😀

my other bro bought the game “Star Wars The Clone wars Republic Heroes” on the DS.

why buy so much games? well the answer is cos few days earlier we went to an other Fnac and sold our old DS and Wii games and brought 92 € (around the 118$) up. of course there was still money over so i bought 3 mangas (lmao me and my mangas XD)

so i thought why not search for the rest of Shibariya Komachi and i found some but i already had them the other day. the day when we sold our games i went to a comic store nearby the Fnac and bought Shibariya Komachi 3 and 4. so… what did i bought this time?

well i guess you people know what i bought right the title of this post says it already :p yes i bought Switch Girl 1,2 and 3. although i already started to read it on Mangafox what i bought has already pass it. sometimes i think that French is quicker than English like Otomen in French it’s already at Volume 10 just like Japanese but in English it’s at volume 6 it’s not that i hate reading in English it’s just English mangas are difficult to get and they costs more than French mangas. French mangas are around the 6-8 € (around the 7-10$) while here English mangas are 10-11€ (around the 12-14$) that’swhy and english mangas we must command them while French mangas are in stock >_<

and yes we also bought something else. our mom ordered us to buy some books my 2 bros and me hate reading XD so 1 bro bought Inkheart (well he must read it from our dad cos my dad told my mom that to read Inkheart you’ve got to got enough imagination so that means i don’t need to read it :p

the other bro bought 3 books of Atremis Fowl (don’t know what it is O.o) and i bought the first book of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”

also yesterday we made some Sushi for Dinner >_<

well i guess that’s what i did until now this summer >_<



3 thoughts on “Switch Girl!!

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  2. Lol, Switch Girl’s summary on mangaupdates looks hilarious. Reminds me of Kare Kano and…crud can’t remember the name of the manga.
    [You might know, since it’s shojo. It’s about a girl who helps prevent this nerdy looking boy from being picked on and it turns out he’s some singer in a popular rock band (and actually really hot). He wears the nerdy disguise to help prevent girls from hurling themselves on him. It’s only 1 volume. Really cute]
    Anyway, just saying the girl being ON at school and OFF at home = Kare Kano, and the boy being nerdy at school = that one manga I can’t remember ^^:

    If you can get manga in French then you’re so lucky. Because Stray Love Hearts has been licensed in French 8D

    Yum, sushi! ^_^

    • yeah i know it’s like KareKano that’s also why i wanted to read it (completed karekano last summer)
      actually i don’t but i want to read it =3

      yeah i know i saw it but i’m already folowing on the internet
      but who knows maybe i’ll buy it =3

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